Paradise Paperroll NT

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CWS Paradise Paperroll NT

The ultimate in hand hygiene efficiency.

More than just dry hands.

Striking design on the outside, the latest technology on the inside – the contact-free paper towel dispenser Paradise Paperroll NT is the perfect solution for all visitor frequencies. With a wide range of functions, it ensures individual comfort, allows efficient washroom management and cuts costs at the same time.


Wlan Zeichen

No contact necessary


To get a fresh paper towel, simply hold your hand in front of the sensor. Thanks to the contact-free paper dispensing, the Paradise Paperroll NT is not only comfortable but also particularly hygienic and HACCP-compliant.


Automatisches Rollensystem

Automatic rest roll function


When there is only 20 % of the active paper roll’s original length remaining, it drops down independently in the dispenser and makes space for a new roll. Once the remaining roll is completely used up, the Paradise Paperroll NT changes over to the new roll automatically. This extends the paper roll’s life by up to 25 %** and cuts refill requirements by up to 25 %*.


Eco Modus

Eco Mode


If the paper supply in the dispenser runs short and no new roll has been inserted, the device switches to eco mode. As of a remaining capacity of 20 %, the Paradise Paperroll NT automatically shortens the paper portion by 5 cm. This extends the capacity by around 30 portions and offers your staff additional time for refilling.





The Paradise Paperroll NT is available in seven different colours, allowing it to blend seamlessly into the interior design of your washroom – or, alternatively, add a welcome splash of colour.



Tailored to your requirements


The Paradise Paperroll NT can be individually configured to reflect your user frequency and washroom environment. That means that you can decide how long each paper portion is, how far the sensor measures and after how many seconds the dispenser can be triggered again. You can also decide whether the next portion of paper is already extending from the dispenser or not.



Refilling made easy


Coloured dispenser components ensure intuitive user guidance and facilitate the insertion of the paper roll. Simply press the new roll against the rear wall of the dispenser and the dispenser accepts it automatically. This also means it is no longer possible to insert a roll the wrong way round.



With and without a cable


No power outlets in the washroom? No problem for the Paradise Paperroll NT! After all, the dispenser can be operated either via a mains adapter or with batteries.

Washroom paperroll

Cleanliness available in
the rental service


CWS offers a wide variety of other hygiene
solutions to make washroom management
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No investment costs


Like all CWS products, the Paradise
Paperroll NT also offers cleanliness
available to rent. That means: you rent our
products and we ensure their professional
installation and maintenance.

CWS Paradise Paperroll Grafik EN

Refill requirements cut by up to 25%

compared with a dispenser with no rest roll function. Assuming 250 uses daily of 2 portions each, filling with a 2-ply 150-m roll made of 100 % pure pulp and one refill per day.

Paper roll life extended by up to 25%

compared with a dispenser with no rest roll function. Assuming a portion length of 25 cm and filling with a remaining as well as a full roll (150 m, 600 portions, 100 % pure pulp) and use of the eco mode.

Up to 900 portions per fill

Assuming the minimum portion length of 20 cm and filling with a 2-play 150-m roll (750 portions) as well as a remaining roll (30 m, 150 portions) both made of 100 % pure pulp.


CWS Paradise Paperroll NT

  • Contact-free paper roll dispenser in ParadiseLine design made of impact-proof plastic (ABS)
  • Rest roll function with automatic roll changing
  • Eco mode: shortened paper portion as of fill capacity < 20 % for an extended paper roll life
  • Easy refilling of paper roll (easy loading system)
  • Adjustable paper length (20, 25, 30, 35 cm), dispensing interval (0, 3, 5 seconds), sensor strength (low, medium, strong) and presentation mode
  • Operation using either batteries (4×D) or via a mains adapter (230 V), HACCP-compliant, lock to prevent theft
art. no.
Battery-operated version:
4523000 | CH: AX1681229 (incl. white panel)
4523010 | CH: AX1681227 (without panel)
Mains adapter:
4524000 | CH: AX1681230 (incl. white panel)
4524010 | CH: AX1681228 (without panel)
dimensions 347 × 427 × 251 mm (W × H × D)
individual custom design
consumables Paper roll, 2-ply, 100 % pure pulp, 150 m, white, art. no. 287000 | CH: AX1681217
Paper roll, 3-ply, 100 % pure pulp, 100 m, white, art. no. 288000 | CH: AX1000327
Paper roll, 3-ply, 100 % pure pulp, 100 m, blue, art. no. 289000