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It’s so nice to see you 

Welcome to CWS. You might not have recognised us at first glance. Although approaching the grand age of 120, we’re now looking younger and fresher than ever – you’ve surely noticed.

We are boco, Initial and Modeinstitut Berlin. We are mattab, Loovio and Teuto Fire Safety. We are micronclean, Zahn Hitex, Eurodress, BSC and the CWS-boco shop. 

We are diversity. We are service. We are by your side.


We are CWS

Gold? No – think pink

If you’re looking for great service, then you’ve come to the right place. Service by companies for companies. Service for issues which are important but might not always form the focus of your work. Your washrooms, for example, or the mats on the floor in your foyer. We offer services spanning all aspects of your workwear – and even offer the workwear itself. We provide the staff in your care facility with workwear, take care of the towels and linen and launder the patients/residents’ private clothing – all with the utmost care and attention to detail. You are delivered sterile medical devices, cleanroom clothing and accessories. And because we are convinced that a product is only good if the accompanying service is also just right, we offer you a wide variety of services covering all aspects of your cleanrooms and clean production environments. Last but not least, we are your reliable partner for preventative fire safety measures as well as compliance with legal requirements.


We are


We see ourselves as a supplier of complete systems. We view ourselves as the “cog” in companies’ gears, which integrates seamlessly and makes smooth workflows possible. We are your contact partner for commercial services. We have set ourselves the goal of contributing to a healthier and safer tomorrow. We operate sustainably and are actively involved in a wide range of panels campaigning for healthy and safe working and living conditions. 

We work for global corporations, hidden champions, SMEs, trade and repair businesses, care facilities, emergency services, administrative departments, public institutions, schools, nurseries and many more. We’ve already been working for a long time for many of you. After all, above all, we enjoy our work. Welcome to CWS – the new CWS. It’s so nice to see you here!


Are you looking for something specific or are you not sure what you need? Please ask us, we will help you step by step.

CWS is a service provider offering many possibilities. Get to know us better.

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One for all

Many people are familiar with our dust control mats, as well as our towel and soap dispensers. But at CWS, we also optimise your washroom, create fire safety concepts, as well as designing and cleaning business attire. These are just some of our solutions and your possibilities. We work for people in a wide variety of industries, advising, planning, checking, repairing, sorting, washing, documenting, etc. We do it with pleasure. And in a sustainable way.