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Cleanroom garment solutions

Our reusable cleanroom clothing solutions are safe for you and good for the environment.  Manufactured from continuous filament polyester each garment is engineered to act as a filter by preventing harmful bacteria and particulates reducing production yields or contaminating your Cleanroom.

Which parameters are most important to you?

  • Comfort and wearability

  • Particle filtration efficiency,

  • Lifecycle,

  • Sterility assurance,

  • Electro Static Discharge,

  • Safety,

  • Sustainability

Do you have multiple cleanrooms with different gowning requirements or, are your operators doing physical or critical work in the cleanroom?  

For every cleanroom area and activity, we have a fabric and style which meets your needs. All our garments are manufactured to the IEST-RP-CC003.4 standard and all have been tested using either the Helmke Drum test or the Body Box test apparatus. We can even provide you with the necessary product information, training and change control documentation to accompany your SOP’s, for the protection of your products, your processes and most importantly your operators.