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Cleanroom garments

To protect your products and processes, cleanroom garments are designed to act as a filter by trapping harmful particles and thereby minimising the risk of cleanroom contamination.For every cleanroom environment, we have a solution. Custom-made or standard.

  • Antistatic,
  • ESD certified,
  • Liquid repellent,
  • Fire and flame protection,
  • Complying with your industry specific requirements.

From full body coverage such as our CleanVision cleanroom coverall, hood, boots and eye protection or cleanroom undersuits with cleanroom coats and headwear in a variety of colours to distinguish between different zones.

We also offer a variety of cleanroom compatible socks, shoe covers, overboots and clogs to suit your specific cleanroom classification.

Did you know that our integrated coverall and hood offers a simple and effective gowning concept which reduces gowning times by up to 25%?

 This design reduces the risk of microbiological contamination by minimising the contact points during gowning while improving cost efficiency.

Is sustainability important to you? 

For every reusable solution, we also offer a disposable option be it for plant maintenance or safety considerations.

We are happy to discuss your solution.