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Full-Service Provider for Cleanrooms

As the first full-service provider in the cleanroom market we offer a comprehensive range of contamination control and innovative services, tailored to your specific cleanroom requirements. Get textile, training and cleaning services from a single source!

Passion for Solutions

The Pharma, Biotech, Medtech and Microelectronics sectors have one thing in common  –  contamination control. CWS provides a suite of modular solutions including cleanroom protective clothing and accessories, cleanroom cleaning, gowning procedure and employee training that are tailored to your company processes and procedures.

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Our solutions for your cleanroom

CWS Solution Cleanrooms Cleanroom Garments

Cleanroom textiles

- Processing and decontamination

- Expert advice

- Inventory management

- Individual solutions 

CWS Solution Cleanrooms Cleanroom

Cleanroom cleaning

- FIRST cleaning

- CONTI cleaning

- COMBI cleaning

- SPECIAL cleaning 

CWS Cleanrooms training new

Cleanroom training

- In-house training courses

- Coaching sessions

- Day training courses

- Online seminars


Cleanroom Academy Online 

CWS Hygiene Washroom Optimization

Personal hygiene

- CWS SmartWash 

- Hand Sanitizers

- Cloth towel rolls

Innovations for your company

Where the operation of cleanrooms is subject to the highest expectations, CWS is your consultant for individual, needs-based system solutions and innovations.

Cleanroom classification

Product and process qualification ? Our experience in validating cleaning and decontamination process will provide you with the assurance you need.

Simplified cleanroom management

From on-site distribution to intelligent dispensing systems and Smart Rooms - We carry out the analysis and advice you on the most efficient solutions.

Expert network

Operation of cleanrooms or controlled production environments requires experience, expertise and regulatory knowledge. If you have specific questions, we will be happy to network with our industry experts – we will coordinate the contact and exchange of experience on your behalf.

Innovative learning:  Try the CWS Cleanroom Masters challenge for experts and beginners.

Cleanroom Masters is the name of the innovative board game developed by our colleague Britta Heck together with industry colleagues Carsten Moschner (Dastex) and Jürgen Blattner (BSR), which even won 3rd place at the Cleanzone Award 2020. It combines knowledge transfer with the fun of a game, and thus conveys rather dry topics such as standards and regulations with a high fun factor.


  • Cleanroom Masters game board involves a circuit with 24 fields, which schematically represents a cleanroom
  • The starting and end point is the Personnel airlock
  • The aim of the game is to become a Masters Champion by being the first person to get 6 Master Chips back through the airlock by rolling the dice and  answering questions correctly
  • The challenge consists of 600 questions and answers in 6 different categories
  • Action areas provide excitement by drawing attention to mistakes that can be made in the cleanroom

A game that even does good

Cleanroom Masters can be obtained in exchange for a donation. Just donate at least €50 to Kinderhilfe e.v. ( or Primaklima (, mentioning the keyword “Cleanroom Masters”, submit your donation receipt to us and we will send you the game. 


How to keep corona viruses out of your cleanroom

Especially in cleanrooms, it is important that viruses and bacteria do not enter via employees or their clothing. Our expert Dr. Laub will explain how this is possible and what you have to pay attention to.

How long does the coronavirus survive on surfaces?

How long SARS CoV-2 remains infectious on which material depends on the so-called tenacity. This refers to resistance to environmental influences.

CWS - your professional partner

Fighting germs and particles transparently

You’ll get complete transparency and traceability of your textiles through our innovative barcode and chip technologies. Our web portal offers you comprehensive insight and functionality - at any time. Our quality assurance system also ensures that all the initial and final inspections meet our quality requirements and are documented. See for yourself - we look forward to your visit to one of our cleanroom laundries.

Our quality promise to you

The highest standards in your cleanroom really matters. To support your processes, we work according to our Europe-wide quality standards, and validated processes.

Cost transparency

As a partnership, we’ll examine any kind of potential for optimisation and advise you with individual solutions. Our transparent cost overview is the focus here. Our inventory monitoring helps you to determine the right quantities.


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