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Cleanroom clothing, cleaning concepts and training courses tailored specifically for your company, your premises and your staff - that's what all-inclusive service looks like.

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A cleanroom has many processes that need to be perfectly coordinated. We’ll be happy to support you with our unique and sustainable solutions for textiles, supplies, cleaning and staff training.
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Our solutions for your cleanroom

CWS Solution Cleanrooms Cleanroom Garments

Decontamina-ting cleanroom garments and textiles

Cleanroom garments are an essential barrier between people and product, they must be processed at set intervals and under controlled conditions. The decontamination and sterilisation process, as well as the associated logistics and costs should be taken into account.

CWS Solution Cleanrooms Cleanroom

Cleanliness in cleanrooms

How to remove microparticles, layers of impurities and microorganisms.

CWS Solution Cleanrooms Trainings

Training and knowledge sharing

From basic training to proper conduct in cleanrooms - we have the right training for you.


How to keep corona viruses out of your cleanroom

Especially in cleanrooms, it is important that viruses and bacteria do not enter via employees or their clothing. Our expert Dr. Laub will explain how this is possible and what you have to pay attention to.

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How long does the coronavirus survive on surfaces?

How long SARS CoV-2 remains infectious on which material depends on the so-called tenacity. This refers to resistance to environmental influences.

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Fighting germs and particles transparently

You’ll get complete transparency and traceability of your textiles through our innovative barcode and chip technologies. Our web portal offers you comprehensive insight and functionality - at any time. Our quality assurance system also ensures that all the initial and final inspections meet our quality requirements and are documented. See for yourself - we look forward to your visit to one of our cleanroom laundries.

Our quality promise to you

The highest standards in your cleanroom really matters. To support your processes, we work according to our Europe-wide quality standards, and validated processes.

Cost transparency

As a partnership, we’ll examine any kind of potential for optimisation and advise you with individual solutions. Our transparent cost overview is the focus here. Our inventory monitoring helps you to determine the right quantities.


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We have a wide range of suitable products for your company, your employees and your customers. From individual solutions for the best hygiene, to suitable dust control mats for a clean entrance area and a safe working environment.