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Cleanroom Textiles

We prepare your cleanroom textiles to the highest standards to ensure that stocks of cleanroom garments are available in sufficient quantities and sizes, at the right time and in the right place. 

Passion for Textiles 

Where the highest requirements for cleanrooms exist, CWS Cleanrooms is your reliable partner. We can help you create a custom garment system that protects your product and production environment from particulate and microbiological contamination while ensuring efficient working procedures.

No room for contamination – our processes guarantee quality

Based on your specific requirements we will advise you on fabric and model design for garments including cleanroom accessories such as cleanroom headwear, goggles, shoe covers, socks and shoes. In addition to commercial considserations our focus is on fabric functionality, wearer comfort and fit.

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rental concept includes

  • a requirements analysis incl. procurement and scheduling for product, quantity and cost optimisation
  • transparent rental price models and processing conditions for your individual needs
  • professional decontamination, sterilisation and packaging for consistently high quality
  • professional repair as well as the exchange after a particular number of cycles have been reached
  • labelling by barcode and chip for stock monitoring and traceability

Our service

Cleanliness: Processing and decontamination

We collect your used rental garments or other cleanroom articles on schedule and decontaminate, sterilise or wash and dry them. Always professionally in validated, documented processes. This means that each article batch can be traced at any time. We pack the items according to your requirements and deliver them to your access lock, if desired.

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Reliability: Inventory management with failsafe concept

The availability of cleanroom clothing and textiles is absolutely essential to maintain your production processes. We reliably take care of the supply so that no supply bottlenecks occur. We guarantee this, among other things, through our regular inventory monitoring and the large number of our cleanroom laundries installed throughout Europe. For even more security and transparency, you can view your inventory yourself online at any time via our web portal.

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Transparency: Expert advice

With our flexible rental solutions and reprocessing systems, we make your costs for cleanroom clothing transparent and plannable. You gain more time for your core tasks, because we take care of textile procurement, inventory control and changes, amongst other things.

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Individuality: Tailored to your needs

Not all cleanrooms are the same: That's why we work with our customers to develop individual, sustainable solutions – from clothing to packaging. Always perfectly matched to the size and area of application of your cleanroom clothing and the regulatory requirements.

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CWS - your professional partner for cleanroom clothing

Our quality guarantee

How do you ensure that the cleanroom clothes you use are suitable for use in your processing environment? Our quality guarantee for cleanroom clothing provides the ideal solution. Quality washing and drying processes that significantly remove the number of microparticles on and in the textiles are essential elements in proper cleaning, in addition to the final packaging. Our state-of-the-art quality control gives you the security you need!

Tailored to your requirements

Every cleanroom is different, so the requirements for each one vary according to its size. Different cleanrooms are also subject to different hygiene requirements. Together, we’ll develop individual, sustainable solutions—from packaging to reporting.

All costs under control

With our flexible rental solutions and processing systems, we are your competent partner. We take care of textile procurement, inventory control and changes, defined replacements, and repairs, so that you have more time for your core tasks.

CWS Back-up Kit

Wir haben mitgedacht, damit Sie auch bei Engpässen jederzeit reibungslos weiter arbeiten können. Sollten Sie kurzfristig erhöhten Bedarf für einzelne Reinraumtextilien oder -zusatzartikel wie Wischbezüge haben, rufen Sie uns einfach an und Sie erhalten innerhalb von 24 Stunden ihr Backup-Kit zugesendet.

+49 (0) 6103 309 1290

Ihre Vorteile

  • schnell: Lieferung am nächsten Werktag, bei Bestellung bis 12 Uhr
  • zuverlässig: garantierte Verfügbarkeit einsatzbereiter Reinraumtextilien und -zusatzartikel
  • transparent: fester Preis pro Backup-Kit, keine weiteren Verpflichtungen
  • einfach: anrufen und Auftragsbestätigung erhalten

Die Schritte: 

  1. +49 (0) 6103 309 1290 anrufen
  2. Auftragsbestätigung erhalten
  3. Ware wird versendet
  4. in 24h neue Kleidung/ Artikel

Our certificates

ISO 14644-1

Certified cleanrooms


Iso Certificate Cleanrooms

ISO 9001

Quality management system

Iso 19001 Cleanrooms

ISO 14001

Environmental management system

Iso 14001 Certificate Cleanrooms

ISO 45001

Occupational health and safety

Iso Certificate Cleanrooms


Cleanroom Clothing - everything from one source

To work according the GMP Annex 1 guidelines is sometimes a challenge. We as a full-service provider are happy to support you in all your needs with our expertise and passion.

Changes to the GMP Annex 1

What has changed? What do you have to pay more attention to now? The revised version of the GMP Annex 1 includes the regular training of employees with regard to hygiene, clean room practices, contamination control and aseptic techniques. CWS will inform you about all the important innovations.

CWS_Cleanrooms_Face mask

Full service for cleanroom masks

We supply you with cleanroom masks without you having to worry about shortages. We take care of delivery and collection, disinfectant treatment and sterilisation according to your needs.

Cleanroom clothes: The barrier between human and product

Cleanroom clothing is the essential protection between people and products. It thus provides a decisive protective function for the processes in cleanrooms.

Weitere Lösungen für Ihren Reinraum

Cleanroom Cleaning

Cleanroom Training

On-Site Service

Cleanroom Consumables


Are you looking to optimise solutions for your specific cleanroom requirements? Talk to us – we will be happy to support you.