Which cleanroom disposables can we deliver to you?

In addition to cleanroom garment services we offer a range of consumables for all cleanroom environments ranging from ISO Class 4 to ISO Class 8 as well as GMP Grade A/B, C and D processing environments. We continuously monitor the market to deliver product, service and process improvements to optimise our service for you.

We offer a wide range of cleanroom disposable articles including:

  • Cleanroom Wipes

  • Gloves,

  • Hairnets,

  • Face Masks,  

  • Shoe Covers,

  • Peel-Off Mats,

  • Swabs

We deliver them in full and on time to a central warehouse or directly into your gowning area.

Whatever you need, we take care of it.


Contact our experts to discover our complete range of cleanroom disposables.

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