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Training & Coaching in Your Cleanroom

Would you like a programme or coaching that is designed specifically for your cleanroom? We would be happy to come to you and put together an individual training course for this purpose, or to deal with your internal processes in the context of a coaching session and work out approaches for optimisation together with you.

Our in-house training

In order to be able to train your team down to the last detail in a way that is optimised for the individual conditions in your company, we come to you and
• analyse your processes
• create a tailor-made training concept
• optimise behavioural and airlock processes, and train you on site
• analyse and eliminate problems and weak points

Up to 12 participants will be trained on your premises. After a preliminary inspection or discussion, we can implement your specific requirements in a targeted manner. In-house training includes group tasks that require the active participation of your employees.

Your benefits


The topics and methods are tailored to you. Individual visualisations and group work serve to deepen and improve understanding.


Special features of the product groups, spatial conditions or internal guidelines are incorporated into the training programme.

Recognised solutions

Weaknesses are identified by all and discussed together in a solution-oriented manner. Cooperation and acceptance within the teams is promoted by the training.

Reduced effort

You qualify a large number of your employees at the same time. And there is no further effort for you: travel and accommodation costs for your employees are eliminated.

Flexible organisation

You determine the location and duration of the training. Let’s make a date together. We are also there for you at short notice.

Details about our in-house training offers for you

Basic training – Conduct in the cleanroom

High-quality technical and life science products increasingly require “cleanroom” manufacturing environments. Maintaining the required cleanliness levels depends directly on your staff’s understanding of this demanding environment. In our basic training, you will learn how cleanrooms work and how they are classified. We explain how contaminants can enter your cleanroom, which barriers prevent their entry, and we sensitize your staff for the correct conduct in the cleanroom.

Seminar contents:

  • Structural and behavioural barrier concepts for the protection of the clean environment
  • Review of the level of knowledge in quiz form and derivation of training topics
  • Overview of typical contaminants in cleanrooms
  • Basics of conduct in cleanrooms, based on the standards of VDI 2083
  • Requirements for clothing and dressing procedures, correct dressing in practice
  • Structural requirements for airlocks and requirements for airlock processes


2.350,00 EUR 

Advanced training ISO

We have developed this training for employees who have already received basic training and/or have been working in “technical” cleanrooms for some time. After the repetition of basic behavioural requirements, we will deal with typical contaminants in technical cleanrooms. We deepen your knowledge of cleanroom technology and discuss the monitoring of cleanrooms based on ISO 14644. We are happy to address the specific problems of your cleanroom. The basis for this is a prior inspection (at an hourly rate of €150).  

Seminar contents:

  • Repetition of basic behavioural principles
  • Typical contaminants and their effects
  • Cleanliness classes according to ISO 14644 and zone concepts
  • Design errors and their effects
  • Determination of check points
  • Clothing requirements according to ISO 14644
  • Measurement and monitoring of the clean environment

2.350,00 EUR 

Advanced training GMP

The manufacture of pharmaceutical products imposes particularly high demands. In this training, you will gain an overview of biological contaminants, their origin and their detection. We explain how the interplay of design, logistical and behavioural barriers can effectively prevent the entry of germs and other critical substances into product environments. In the practical part, we present a dressing procedure in which sterile coveralls remain sterile.

Seminar contents:

  • Repetition of behavioural principles
  • Regulatory and normative basics for drug production, EU GMP guidelines
  • Microbiological contamination
  • Purity classes according to GMP; zone concepts
  • Clothing requirements according to EU GMP guidelines
  • Hand disinfection, and donning of clean gloves and coveralls (on request)

2.350,00 EUR

Our coaching sessions

Reinraumschulung Inhouse

Finding the best solutions together

In a coaching session, we take a close look at your cleanroom and your processes. This involves targeted improvements in the areas of cleanroom cleaning, logistics of airlock processes and personnel conduct.

The coaching includes a theoretical part for the introduction, the observation of your process and the joint risk analysis. Together we develop optimisation proposals and try to implement them.

Your benefits

The view from outside

Each coaching starts with an as-is analysis by our cleanroom experts, who uncover the weak points in your processes.

Individual modules

Depending on your objective, we will design an individual programme consisting of theoretical and practical training, consulting sessions and process analyses.

Direct and effective

The coaching takes place directly on-site in your company. This means that your conditions can be optimally integrated.

Practical expertise

Our coaching sessions are conducted exclusively by cleanroom experts with practical experience.

We pick up where seminars leave off

Implementation of the theoretical contents of open seminars often reaches its limits in the company-specific everyday work. That’s why the experts come to your company and put theory and practice into effect with you.

Details about our coaching offers for you

Professional cleanroom cleaning

Our most booked coaching!

Before you or your employees become active, we will teach you some basics about cleanroom cleaning, such as:

  • Barrier concepts to protect the clean environment
  • Basic principles of cleanroom cleaning and disinfection
  • Cleaning techniques (cloth & mop)
  • Requirements for consumables and equipment

We then take a look at how the cleaning processes of your cleanroom work and identify potential for improvement. Your employees then undertake – under guidance – their first attempts to implement what they have learned.


on request

Individual coaching programmes

Often, long-standing problems can be solved through our “view from the outside”. With straightforward approaches, we can make it clear to your employees where and how they can achieve big successes through small changes in their behaviour. Examples of such highly individual coaching are material and personnel gownroom processes, which we examine and improve in your airlocks.

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