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Get neat beneath your feet!

Our dust control mats create an inviting atmosphere, and help to cut cleaning costs by reducing the amount dirt and grit entering your premises

The first impression counts

With CWS dust control mats, you impress your customers with your company’s neat appearance and clean atmosphere. They also offer adequate protection for wet or slippery floors.

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Why it's worthwhile having dust control mats in the entrance area

Cleanliness in the whole building

Our mats absorb large amounts of dirt and moisture, meaning all contamination simply stays outside. This means your floor is always kept clean for customers, guests, and employees.

Safety for customers and employees

Rain or snow often lead to slippery conditions. The risk of injury can be significantly minimised with our dust control mats.

Save on cleaning costs

Our dust control mats help you to noticeably reduce your cleaning costs since dirt and moisture are stopped before they can reach your premises.

Your individual message

Our logo mats ensure that your customers feel immediately welcome. You can also customise them with your company logo or individual messages.

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Systematic rental service

Mats for every demand comfortably in full service

CWS is your international partner for rental services. Systematic solutions and a professional service are behind all products.

Sustainable business model

Sustainable business model

At CWS, we are committed to sustainable company management. The long service life of our products is just as important to us as their hygienic reprocessing, which conserves natural resources.

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Mats from CWS are just one of the many solutions

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We also support you in other areas

Dust control mats aren't the only CWS solution to offer you optimum protection and safety. Get to know more areas.


Answers to frequently asked questions

When choosing the right dust control mat, additional questions often arise. Your questions may have already been answered here.

Why do dust control mats make good signposts?

Personalised mats help to label different areas in your building. Information points, changing rooms, lifts, or toilets - the mats make it easier to get orientated in your building.

Why are clean floors so important when it comes to customers?

A tidy company is more likely to win people over since a clean environment is inviting and attracts new customers.

A clean mat is especially effective in the entrance area, because it prevents outside dirt and wetness from entering your building from the very beginning.

Do people actually notice dust control mats?

Whether consciously or unconsciously, most people pay attention to the floor and the state it's in when entering a room. And rest assured: dirt and wear and tear are definitely not usually factors that bring customers into your shop.

How well do dust control mats do their job during the cold and rainy months?

Dust control mats are especially useful during the rainy season. They catch slush, rainwater, and mud and keep your floor clean and dry. Thanks to the non-slip rubber backing, the dust control mats stay in their intended places and remain crease-free.

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