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Floorcare products

Discover the complete CWS floor mat range:
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CWS floor mats, for every occasion

Our dust control mats can be used anywhere wetness and dirt are a factor. They wipe down the soles of shoes, absorb moisture and dirt, keep your building clean and reduce your cleaning costs by up to 70%. Plus, our floor mats help preserve valuable floor coverings.

In addition to keeping your building clean, mats also act as a business card - they showcase your business in the best way possible. For this purpose, we have a large selection of standard formats ready for you, but also offer individual design options.

Especially for places where people have to stand for long periods during their work, we have included the anti-fatigue mats in our range. These relieve the muscles in the legs and back, to support a healthy posture.

For every room, occasion and security requirement, CWS offers the right type of floor mat. For indoors and outdoors, plain colored or with your own logo, small and larger feet, tucked into rubber booties, sneakers or safety shoes, we offer the floor care that meets your needs.

Floorcare product overview

Dust control mats

Logo mats

Shaped mats

Industrial mats

Anti fatigue mats

Aluminium profile mats

Did you know that about 20% of all reportable workplace accidents are caused by trips, slips and falls? With the right floor mats, you can prevent many of these accidents.

With our customized advice, cleaning, maintenance and quality control, you'll have complete peace of mind and a neat floor. Plus, you have a flexible choice when it comes to the design, size and change frequency of your mats.

CWS Green mats - a sustainable innovation

What do our dust control mats have to do with sustainability?

For some time now, we have been working on gradually replacing our standard dust control mats with Green Mats. A sustainable alternative, because the fiber material of the Green Mats is made from recycled PET. About ten used beverage bottles are recycled per square meter. In this way, more than a million bottles a year can start a new life as floor mats in the future.

Our Floorcare services

CWS Floorcare services

To meet the needs of our customers as much as possible, we offer various services. Whether you want to guarantee safety in the workplace, save on cleaning costs, protect your floors from damage, or convey a certain message to visitors: at CWS there is always a suitable Floorcare solution available.

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Superior quality

To guarantee you the best possible quality, we use only premium materials. Our dust control mats made of special high-twist nylon pile absorb up to 4.8 liters of dirt and moisture per square meter. This keeps your buildings clean.
CWS Floor Care

Fitting solutions

With us you will find not only regular dust control mats, but also mats for other areas in your company. Think of solutions for industry. This makes CWS a true all-rounder, where you will find the solution you are looking for.
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All-in-one service

No need for your own investment, thanks to our all-in-one rental service. We ensure that your mats are changed and cleaned periodically, and repaired or replaced when necessary. This way the function of the mats is maintained.
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Customized advice

We are ready to provide you with advice. Every room or entrance is different, together we look at your requirements and safety requirements and the corresponding possibilities. This way we always come to a satisfying solution.


Answers to frequently asked questions

Questions related to floor mats, commercial mats, or the related service?

Below we answer the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

What is the delivery time of a floor mat for commercial use?


Some floor mats are available directly from stock. The delivery time of mats made on request can be arranged in consultation.

I would like to have my company logo on a mat, is that possible?

Yes, we can design and customize the commercial floor mat according to your wishes. More information can be found on the logo mats page.

Is it possible to buy rather than rent a CWS floor mat?


No, the floor mats are offered in our (rental) service. This way you are always assured of a clean and functioning one. An exception to this are the outdoor mats, these can be purchased.

When will the CWS service employee come by?


We agree with you on a service cycle that suits your needs. The service employee replaces the used floor mat with a freshly washed one. The service cycle can be adjusted if desired.

Why are clean floors important to customers?


Because a clean environment is inviting and attracts (new) customers. A good floor mat at your entrance prevents dirt and moisture from entering the building.

How much moisture and dirt can a CWS floor mat hold?


Per square meter, a CWS mat holds a lot of moisture and dirt: 4 liters of moisture and 800 grams of dirt. Therefore, commercial mats are indispensable for the purpose of proper floor care.