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Industrial mats

The special dust control mats for the strictest requirements in industry 

CWS mat solutions protect against dirt and moisture everywhere where cleanliness is important. That includes in industrial production settings, as cleanliness and safety are also of the utmost importance there. A particularly hard-wearing dirt control system is required to handle the soiling from vehicles, for example in hall entrance areas and production halls. The mobile, flexibly-anchored industrial mat from CWS offers the right degree of flexibility for this task. Dirt caused by vehicles driving in and out is considerably reduced. The vehicles’ tyres are brushed off and cleaned when they cross the mats. The dust control mats are available in a range of versions and sizes.

The advantages that CWS industrial mats offer you

  • Considerably less dirt from vehicle traffic in production halls and warehouses 
  • Tyres are cleaned when they cross the mats, which saves time 
  • Flexible anchoring system 
  • Robust fixation to floor

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