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Surgical Supplies

Proven Protection for Patient and Professional

CWS strength lies in our ability to maintain a local focus by customising our products and services to suit the requirements of Irish clinicians and their patients. To do this CWS has developed local and international expertise to design a range of CE marked products and services specifically for the Irish market.

Our purpose designed ISO Class 6-8 Cleanroom production unit located in Dublin ensures that all products are produced in accordance with best industry practice. A team of over 30 experienced sterile supply technicians all serve to provide you with the highest quality sterile products which are CE marked, fully traceable and compliant with the EN 13795 and the EU Medical Device Directive.

Service Levels

CWS sterile reusable high performance drapes and garments provide excellent comfort, drapeability and protection. Our materials are of the highest standards and represent the latest technologies in textiles available on the market. Our aim at CWS is to offer you, the clinician, the highest possible standard of garment giving you the choice and level of protection you deserve.

CWS processes all our sterile reusable products locally in Ireland combining expert Irish knowledge with local production personnel. This allows enormous flexibility when configuring your selection of gowns and drapes. Customers can choose from an extensive variety of combinations to suit your exacting clinical needs without committing to complicated stock holding agreements. From our manufacturing base in Dublin we can guarantee you on time delivery at a frequency that suits your needs and within 24 hours or less in emergencies.

CWS can also provide an on-site just in time delivery service whereby trained service staff will visit your Hospital on a daily or weekly basis to establish your stock requirements and relay this information either directly to our manufacturing site, saving you valuable time and resources.

Quality Policy

Every CWS sterile surgical product is produced within a validated cleanroom environment and is CE marked in accordance with the ISO 13485 Medical Device Standard and the EU Medical Device Directive. Each drape and gown pack is certified as a Class 2a Medical Device and all staff are trained in accordance with the ISO 13485 standard. As with any medical device company our business is audited by the NSAI on a regular basis to ensure compliance with all relevant ISO and EU Standards.

Sterilisation of reusable surgical drapes and gowns is performed in-house using steam sterilizers which are validated on a quarterly basis by an independent contractor in accordance with HTM 2010. Bowie&Dick Tests are performed daily on the autoclaves and routine microbiological testing of finished product, work surfaces and the cleanroom environment is performed using an independent laboratory.

Each surgical drape and gown is identified using an RF-Id transponder to provide traceability throughout it’s useful life and each pack is barcoded to provide full traceability from the date of manufacture. The incorporation of peel-off barcode labels on each sterile surgical pack allows you to easily add the pack information to the patient’s chart to provide complete traceability and thereby ensure compliance with best clinical practice.

Environmental Policy

CWS Group Environmental policy can be summed up in four words - Serving You Serving nature. With our extensive range of reusable Class 2a medical products we offer customers an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable Drapes and Gowns.

A recent study published in the AORN Journal the study suggested that medical waste could be reduced by up to 65% by the introduction of reusable textiles alone.