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Striding bravely towards the future

Bravery enjoys a long tradition at CWS. The roots of the company stretch right back to the 19th century. Right from the very beginning, our development has been spurred on by people 
brimming with entrepreneurial spirit. What began with Bernhard Burmeister’s textile rental company soon evolved into a driver of innovation and a trailblazer for an entire industry. Today, in addition to the innovations like the CWS cotton towel dispensers now found in washrooms all over the world, the concept of renting workwear has also established itself. These developments are part of a long line of industry-revolutionising concepts for better hygiene in daily life and improved safety at work. The joint venture with Initial in 2017 was a fundamental step on our journey to becoming the market leader in Europe. 

Today, the digitalisation of all areas of life is what gives rise to the majority of innovations. We at CWS are also making the most of all the opportunities that present themselves here. For example, we are testing solutions with flexible contract terms with innovative online offerings such as We utilise strategic participations to improve our customer service further and develop new markets. The online service “fit analytics”, with which users can determine the size of their workwear online, ensures optimally fitting apparel and rapid ordering processes. The Berlin-based start-up Jonny Fresh offers an innovative cleaning service for private laundry and textiles. Together with the Swiss company Smixin, we are developing innovative approaches for revolutionising an old cultural technique and making it state of the art – handwashing. 

We employ our unique combination of experience and inventive talent to develop bold new, customer-oriented solutions and establish them on the market. 


Since its founding in 1899, CWS was quite active. Come with us on a little journey through time!


Introduction of the new brand CWS

All activities are placed under the international brand CWS.


Strategic Partnership with Smixin


CWS becomes strategic investor in the digital laundry  "Jonny Fresh"


Eröffnung Waschraum der Zukunft


CWS and Initial launch their joint venture


CWS takes over the management of customer toilets for companies with Loovio by CWS


Second place at the German CSR Prize

CWS-boco Supply Chain Management win the 2. place at the german CSR prize in the category "CSR in supply chain".


First fairtrade collection

boco launches the first workware profi line collection with fairtrade cotton.


Launch of the Paradise Air Bar

The CWS Paradise Air Bar got introduced. It provides scent concepts for a comfort room air atmosphere.


Award CWS ParadiseLine Stainless Steel

The stainless steel dispenser line CWS ParadiseLine Stainless Steel won the award "Design Plus powered by ISH 2013".


New laundry in Neuss

CWS-boco starts operating the new laundry in Neuss

seit 2011

Auszeichnung des CWS Stoffhandtuchspenders mit dem Blauer Engel Zertifikat

Alle CWS Stoffhandtuchsysteme in Deutschland, BeNeLux, Schweiz, Italien und Irland werden mit dem renommierten Umweltzeichen „Blauer Engel“ ausgezeichnet.


Videos to the washroom

CWS-boco markets the first cotton towel dispenser with flat panel screen, bringing videos to the washroom.



The company HTS is renamed into CWS-boco.


HTS International

The Haniel Group integrates both brands, boco and CWS, under the roof of "Haniel Textil Service GmbH "HTS" in Duisburg.


Einführung der Corporate Fashion Kollektion

boco launches Corporate Fashion, the first individually washable business clothing range.


CWS und boco treten gemeinsam als HTS auf den Markt


Haniel übernimmt boco

Die Haniel Gruppe übernimmt boco aus dem Familienbesitz.


High-Tech-Wäscherei in Bielefeld

boco baut Europas größte High-Tech-Wäscherei in Bielefeld.


CWS Cleanseat

CWS bringt den weltweit ersten selbstreinigenden Toilettensitz auf den Markt: CWS Cleanseat.


Haniel takes over CWS

from the family estate



CWS innovation: easy-to-operate fabric towel dispenser with micro-processor.


First boco workwear

boco develops the first workwear for the craft trade.


CWS dirt trapping mats

CWS launches into rental service with dirt trapping mats.


Soap dispensers for industry

CWS sets hygiene standards with soap dispensers for industry.


First CWS laundries in Germany

CWS opens the first of its own laundries in Germany.


Launch rental service

boco launches rental service for workwear.


First CWS cotton towel dispenser

Founding of CWS Germany. European market launch of the first CWS cotton towel dispenser.


Gründung CWS Switzerland

Conrad Wolfgang Schnyder founds CWS Switzerland.


Merger boco

Burmeister, Oszmer and Co. merge into boco.



Bernhard Burmeister starts with a laundry rental service in Hamburg.