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Complete washroom hygiene services solutions

Cleanliness in your washroom creates trust and enhances the well-being of users.   We install and maintain a wide range of hygiene services including cotton, paper and hand hygiene dispensers.

CWS rental service

Rent instead of buying – Professional service, lower your costs

We take care of the installation and maintenance of the rented equipment and reliably deliver consumables including paper products and our complete hand hygiene soap range.

Washroom hygiene products from CWS

Update your hygiene services with our innovative solutions, from our stylish dispensers for roller towels which are hygienically contained within the roller towel cabinet to our complete matching hygiene range to help keep you Clean Well Safe.

Sanitary disposal bin

Toilet paper dispensers

CWS rental service

Rent instead of buying – Professional service, lower costs

When reviewing your Toilets, you benefit from CWS Hygiene. We install and maintain washroom dispensers and deliver consumables paper and soap as required.

Rental service

Vrijblijvend advies over toilethygiëne? Wij komen graag met je in contact

CWS Hygiene solutions

CWS Hygiene Hand Optimum Hygiene

Complete Hand hygiene optimisation

The CWS Ireland hand hygiene solutions takes cleaning, protection and care of hands into account. Including hand disinfection, Hand drying delivered to you as required.

CWS Hygiene Infection Protection

Infection prevention for employees and Visitors

CWS provide complete hygiene solutions helping to reduce, the risk of infection. CWS services provide a complete range to keep you Clean Well Safe.

CWS Hygiene Washroom Optimization

Washroom optimisation

Design your washrooms according to your needs – Our complete suite of matching dispensers, projects a desirable long lasting impression with full support.


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