CWS Cotton Towel Dispenser HeavyDuty

CWS Heavy Duty Cotton Towel Dispenser is perfectly adapted to industrial environments.

CWS Cotton Towel Dispenser HeavyDuty

CWS Cotton Towel Dispenser HeavyDuty


  • Full service by CWS
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers
  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers


  • Robust construction
  • Extra-long towel loop
  • Secured by CWS metal lock
  • Optionally available with white or blue fabric towel rolls

Available colors

The CWS HeavyDuty cotton towel dispenser is a convincingly robust and convenient solution. It has been specially developed for heavy use resulting from heavy soiling. Metal elements reinforce the cover and the inside of the towel dispenser for a resistant construction. Thus, the HeavyDuty cotton towel dispenser is characterised by a remarkably stable construction with a simple design.

The length of the towel loop is individually adjustable. A long towel loop, for example, is a significant advantage in the case of heavier soiling, as is common in industry and trade. Drying the hands remains comfortable for the user, and the arms can also be cleaned without any problems. By simply pulling out the fabric towel, the dispenser immediately offers a fresh piece of fabric.

The CWS HeavyDuty uses fabric towel rolls made of 100% pure and absorbent cotton. The towel dispenser is protected against unauthorised access by a CWS metal lock.

The CWS service includes a resource-saving cycle of consumables. Used fabric towel rolls are collected, washed, and returned to the customer.


  • Thanks to its robust design, it is ideally suited for washrooms with heavy-duty use


With the CWS HeavyDuty cotton towel dispenser, the company, employees, and environment benefit. CWS is committed to sustainability and resource awareness. Sustainable materials, as well as smart products, help to protect the environment. For example, fabric towel rolls reduce energy consumption by up to 48%. In the CWS HeavyDuty cotton towel dispenser, resource-saving Fairtrade cotton is also used, which leads to a waste reduction of up to 95%.

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