CWS Paradise Disinfect Non-Touch

CWS Paradise Dry Slim Non-Touch

Desinfect your hands without touching any surface with CWS Paradise Disinfect Non-Touch hand disinfection dispenser.

CWS Paradise Disinfect Non-Touch

CWS Paradise Disinfect Non-Touch

CWS Paradise Dry Slim Non-Touch


  • Full service by CWS
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers
  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers


  • Non-touch sensor for non-contact operation
  • Fill level indicator
  • Auto-stop function
  • Easy cartridge change thanks to a click-in-bottle system
  • Easy to use

Available colors

A large number of pathogens spread from hand to hand or via smear infection. To protect and maintain the health of employees and customers, effective hand hygiene is essential. Disinfectant dispensers are an important part of a hygiene concept to counteract the multitude of germs with which employees and customers come into contact every day. Sensor-controlled disinfectant dispensers such as CWS Paradise Disinfect Non-Touch offer a high standard of hygiene, as the dispenser does not need to be touched during use and therefore cannot itself become a carrier of pathogens.

The touch-free disinfectant dispenser is filled with CWS Paradise Disinfection Gel and VAH-certified. The disinfectant gel meets all requirements for hygienic handwashing according to EN 1499 as well as hygienic hand disinfection according to EN 1500. Thanks to its bactericidal and limited virucidal effect, it fights a wide range of pathogens with a fast exposure time of 30 seconds. Thanks to its refatting properties and a complex of allantoin, the gel cares for the skin without making it sticky and leaves a pleasant feeling. The skin compatibility of the gel has been dermatologically tested and confirmed with the grade "very good". With a filling quantity of 500 ml, users have about 170 servings at their disposal. The disinfectant dispenser's click-in bottle system makes it easy to replace the disinfectant bottle.

In addition, the sensor-controlled CWS disinfectant dispenser scores points for its ease of use, which is a great advantage for children, the elderly or people with restricted mobility. A sensor on the disinfectant dispenser enables touch-free operation. Attaching the Paradise Disinfect Non-Touch to the CWS Disinfection Tower allows flexible use of the disinfectant dispenser in all areas. With a base plate width of only 39 cm and a height of 140 cm, the device can be positioned flexibly at the most critical touchpoints without any installation effort.


  • For hygienic and safe hand disinfection
  • Flexible and easy to place with the CWS Disinfection Tower

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