CWS Paradise DUO

Keep your hands dry sustainably with the CWS cotton towel dispenser Paradise DUO

CWS Paradise DUO

CWS Paradise DUO


  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers
  • Full service by CWS
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers


  • A two-chamber system enables the separation of fresh and used towel
  • The retraction system pulls in used towel sections
  • A fill level indicator shows when the towel rolls need to be replaced
  • Easy replacement of the towel roll thanks to the easy-loading system and automatic activation of the reserve roll

Available colors

The CWS DUO cotton towel dispenser offers a smart solution for hand hygiene in the washroom thanks to its innovative reloading technology. The Paradise DUO has received two awards: the "Blue Angel" environmental label (RAL-UZ 77) and the Hygiene Certificate, ensuring resource-saving and pleasant hand drying with a high standard of hygiene.

Thanks to two separate chambers, fresh and used towel always remain separate, so the user has a fresh section of the towel at their disposal at all times. Thanks to the retraction system, the used portions are also automatically drawn in. The towel dispenser, therefore, meets the hygiene requirements of the Robert Koch Institute. All CWS cotton towel dispensers are made of robust, impact-resistant plastic and are equipped with a lock to prevent theft of the filling materials.

The mechanical DUO version of the CWS cotton towel dispenser is particularly suitable for heavily frequented washrooms. When the first roll has been used up, the spare roll is automatically activated so that users have up to 220 towel portions at their disposal. This technology allows the roll to be changed during operation: while one roll is being changed, the second remains ready for use by the user.

To match your premises, you can choose an individual desired colour or one of the following 7 CWS panel colours: Active White, Black Pearl, Forest Green, Silversense, Royal Red, Navy Blue or Posh Purple.

A further advantage of the CWS cotton towel dispenser is the high level of comfort in hand hygiene. The Paradise DUO dries hands gently, leaving a pleasant feeling on the skin.

At CWS we emphasize our commitment to a sustainable service cycle. Used fabric towel rolls are collected, washed, and delivered again by CWS.


  • For resource-saving hand hygiene in the washroom without waste and disposal costs


Both the environment and the user benefit equally from the sustainable CWS cotton towel dispenser.

The use of cotton towel rolls consumes up to 48% less energy and contributes to the conservation of resources and up to 95% less waste. This enables sustainable hand hygiene in the washroom, while the absence of waste saves disposal costs.

The CWS cotton towel dispenser bears the "Blue Angel" (RAL-UZ 77) environmental-label because of the reduction of water pollution and the avoidance of waste. With our ecoilet label, sustainability in the washroom is also visible to the user.

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