CWS Paradise Foam Universal Active White

CWS Paradise Foam Universal With Panel White helps create a unique washroom atmosphere

CWS Paradise Foam Universal Active White

CWS Paradise Foam Universal Active White


  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers
  • Full service by CWS
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers


  • Ergonomic pull lever for one-handed operation
  • Non-drip thanks to a suck-back pump
  • Click-in-bottle system for easy replacement of the filling material
  • Capacity of approx. 2,500 portions

Available colors

Whether in toilets, kitchens or laboratories, the ParadiseLine Foam Universal is a user-friendly foam soap dispenser for many applications. Thanks to the choice of seven-panel colours and the possibility of unique panel design, the dispenser fits with the rest of the washroom equipment perfectly.

The soap dispenser is operated with one-hand via an ergonomic pull lever. The soaps used are pH skin neutral, have been dermatologically tested and are characterised by excellent skin compatibility. As the soap comes out of the dispenser already foamed, it is incredibly economical and saves both soap and water.

A filling capacity of 1,000 ml per soap bottle is available, which corresponds to about 2,500 foam soap portions. A reserve tank releases a further 250 portions if required. A front display allows tracking of the foam soap dispenser at all times.

Thanks to the intelligent Click-in-Bottle system, bottle change-over is a quick and easy matter while a safety cylinder lock prevents the filling material from being stolen.

The foam soap dispenser’s suck-back pump prevents annoying dripping and keeps the dispenser from sticking while offering an airtight, long-term and concrete protection of the soap.


  • Foam soap dispensers for many types of rooms, such as laboratories, kitchens or toilets
  • Skin-friendly foam soap
  • Supports the HACCP concept


Compared to ordinary cream soap, foam soap is much more resource-friendly. On the one hand, it is more productive, which means that 50% less soap is needed. On the other hand, it is already foamed when it comes out of the dispenser, which results in around 50% less water consumption.

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