CWS Paradise Foam Universal Non-Touch

Create a unique washroom atmosphere with customizable CWS Paradise Foam Slim Non-Touch.

CWS Paradise Foam Universal Non-Touch

CWS Paradise Foam Universal Non-Touch


  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers
  • Full service by CWS
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers


  • Rich foam soap
  • Drip-free soap dispensing
  • Easy replacement of the soapsuds bottle thanks to the click-in-bottle system
  • 500 ml capacity for approx. 1.250 portions
  • Additional reserve tank for 250 portions

Available colors

The Paradise Foam Non-Touch is a touch-free soap dispenser that guarantees reliable and sustainable hand hygiene. The three available soaps have been dermatologically tested and are pH skin neutral. As the soap concentrate is already foamed when it comes out of the dispenser, considerably less soap is used, and water consumption is significantly reduced.

The touch-free soap dispensation also contributes to optimal hygiene. This is because bacteria can also accumulate on soap dispenser surfaces. However, due to Paradise Foam’s touch-free function, this contact can be avoided.

The touch-free foam soap dispenser also scores points in terms of sustainability. As previously mentioned, the use of foam saves both soap and water. In addition, the dispenser is equipped with an auto-stop function to prevent waste due to dripping. Furthermore, the soap pump does not get stuck and will last a long time.

To ensure easy handling, the soap bottle can be easily replaced with the Click-in-Bottle system. The dispenser has a filling capacity of 500 ml and thus contains approximately 1,250 portions of soap. In addition, a reserve tank holds another 250 portions.


  • Ideal for offices, retail, trade and many other industries
  • Dermatologically tested foam soap


By foaming up the soap concentrate when operating the dispenser, water consumption is reduced by approx. 30 percent and soap consumption by 50 percent. This saves costs and simultaneously conserves valuable resources to protect our environment.

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