CWS Paradise Handlotion Slim

CWS dispenser Paradise Handlotion Slim : an customizable skincare dispenser for any environment.

CWS Paradise Handlotion Slim

CWS Paradise Handlotion Slim


  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers
  • Full service by CWS
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers


  • Ergonomic one-hand operation via pull lever
  • Drip-free output
  • Effortless replacement of the lotion bottle thanks to the click-in-bottle system

Available colors

With the CWS Paradise Hand Lotion Dispenser, you can do your hands a favour after washing and drying. The lotion offers the skin protection and lasting care. It is pH skin neutral, dermatologically tested, quickly absorbed, and has a pleasant fragrance. The 500 ml bottles correspond to a capacity of approx. 800 portions. When the filling runs out, a reserve tank holds another 160 portions.

The dispenser is easy to operate with one hand via an ergonomic pull lever, so that minimal surfaces need to be touched. A non-drip dispenser allows clear dosing and prevents lotion residue on the sink or other parts of the furniture.

The lotion bottle can also be replaced easily and quickly thanks to the click-in bottle system.

Lastly, the hand lotion dispenser impresses with its simple and elegant design, which can also be perfectly adapted to the rest of the washroom furniture. Like all ParadiseLine products, the front panel is available in seven different colours and individual design.


  • Hand lotion dispenser as an ideal addition to any washroom
  • Lotion with mild care formula


CWS products are designed to promote the economical and resource-saving use of consumables. For example, the hand lotion dispenser cannot drip, thus preventing unnecessary waste.

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