CWS Paradise Paperroll

CWS Paradise Paperroll Non-Touch contactless roll paper dispenser helps create a unique washroom atmosphere.

CWS Paradise Paperroll

CWS Paradise Paperroll


  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers
  • Full service by CWS
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers


  • Quick refilling of the paper roll (Easy-Loading-System)
  • Large filling capacity, sufficient for approx. 400 portions
  • No power or battery supply necessary
  • Front panel available in different colours

Available colors

The Paradise Paperroll is a practical and hygienic solution for drying hands. The roll paper dispenser is operated by a mechanical non-touch system. This means that users only need to touch their own paper and unnecessary touching of surfaces is avoided. This is a great advantage especially in places such as washrooms or laboratories, as the roll paper dispenser will not become a carrier of pathogens.

The automatic cutter is designed for 25 cm portions, so the right amount is dispensed from the roll paper dispenser to dry hands without wasting paper unnecessarily. For every filling of the paper dispenser, approximately 400 portions are distributed. A fill level indicator shows the amount of paper remaining in the dispenser. Thanks to the easy-loading system, the paper roll can be refilled quickly and easily. Three different paper qualities are available, some with two layers, some with three. Two of them bear the FSC certificate and the EU Ecolabel.

The paper dispenser does not require a power or battery supply. However, if a paper jam should occur, there is a handy emergency wheel for turning, which allows you to control the paper output manually. Seven different panel colours or an individual design can be chosen for the Paradise Paperroll. This means that the paper dispenser can be combined with all other CWS ParadiseLine products and blends in perfectly with the look of the room.


  • Roll paper dispenser for a wide range of applications, e.g. washrooms or laboratories
  • No unnecessary contact with surfaces


The mechanical non-touch system of the roll paper dispenser works without electricity and thus saves energy. The automatic cutting device, which dispenses paper in portions, also prevents possible waste in order to save valuable resources.

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