CWS PureLine Toiletpaper

The CWS PureLine Toiletpaper dispenser, fits in every toilet 

CWS PureLine Toiletpaper

CWS PureLine Toiletpaper


  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers
  • Full service by CWS


  • Reserve roll comes down automatically 
  • Integrated roller brake 
  • Three colors available 

Available colors

The CWS PureLine Toiletpaper dispenser is the perfect device for any washroom with average user frequency. The toilet paper dispenser can store two rolls above each other. The dispenser can only be opened with a key, so the rolls cannot be removed by visitors. The reserve roll ensures there is enough toilet paper and comes down automatically after the first roll is used. The product has an integrated roll brake to prevent unintentional endless unrolling of the toilet paper. 

Because the CWS PureLine toilet paper dispenser is available in three beautiful colors, White, Silver and Mint, it fits effortlessly into any toilet and matches the other equipment in the washroom. 


  • Toilet paper dispenser for toilets with medium user frequency 
  • Two rolls in one dispenser 
  • Rolls protected against removal by a lock 


CWS products are designed to promote the economical use of consumables. For example, the integrated roller brake prevents endless unrolling and unnecessary waste of toilet paper. 

  • 100% sustainable paper 
  • Made in Europe 

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