CWS Stainless Steel Cotton Towel Dispenser Dry Slim

Robust, efficient, elegant and sustainable: meet the CWS Stainless Steel Cotton Towel Dispenser Dry Slim

CWS Stainless Steel Cotton Towel Dispenser Dry Slim

CWS Stainless Steel Cotton Towel Dispenser Dry Slim


  • Full service by CWS
  • Repair or, if necessary, replacement of dispensers
  • Mounting and maintenance of dispensers


  • Reusable cotton towel roll, exchange within the CWS rental service
  • Meets the hygiene requirements of the Robert Koch Institute
  • Effortless filling
  • Several certifications such as "Blue Angel", among others

Available colors

The CWS Stainless Steel Dry Slim from the ParadiseLine Stainless Steel impresses with its sustainable cotton towel roll. The towel dispenser meets the hygiene requirements of the Robert Koch Institute and is therefore the ideal complement to thorough hand washing. It is particularly important to dry your hands well after washing, as moist hands spread considerably more bacteria than dry ones.

The separation of fresh and used portions using the 2-chamber system guarantees reliable hygiene. The cotton towel dispenser is particularly user-friendly, as the retraction system automatically retracts the used portion and a new one is provided. This means that every user has a fresh and clean portion of cotton towel at their disposal without spreading pathogens. The size of the portion is designed to prevent waste and ensure that the cotton towel is used in a resource-saving manner. One cotton towel roll contains a total of approx. 110 towel portions and is ideal for medium user frequency.

To make it as easy as possible to fill the towel dispenser and replace the roll, the Stainless Steel Dry Slim has an easy-loading system.

Used fabric towel rolls are collected by the CWS Service and returned freshly washed. This creates a resource-saving cycle of consumables.


  • Perfect for washrooms with medium user frequency
  • Automatic feeding of the used cotton towel portions


At CWS, both the users and the environment benefit from the products. The use of the Stainless Steel Dry Slim produces no paper waste, which saves resources and saves disposal costs. The cotton towel rolls are professionally washed and replaced by CWS as part of the rental service, so that both the highest hygiene requirements and the demand for sustainability are met. The cotton towel dispenser has therefore been awarded the hygiene certificate and - due to its low water pollution - the "Blue Angel" environmental label.

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