Ein Mann wäscht sich seine Hände in einem mit CWS-Produkten ausgestattetem Bad.

Hand Hygiene Optimisation

Hand hygiene is important everywhere, whether it's in the office, warehouse, a restaurant,
or a shopping centre. We will work with you to develop a suitable hygiene solution
to provide optimum protection for your staff and customers.

Cleaning, protecting and caring for hands

Most pathogens are transmitted by the hands. Thorough hand washing is therefore the most effective protection against the spread of infections. In many professions, hand hygiene includes additional measures, such as hand disinfection in health care and skin protection plans for craftsmen. With our solutions, you can implement hand hygiene in a targeted and effective manner.

Your advantages

Extra hygienic thanks to sensor technology

CWS devices combine convenient operation with effective protection. With our non-touch dispensers, each user only comes into contact with the portion of soap and the towel they need, not with any other surfaces.

Custom solutions

Our wide range of products includes towel and soap dispensers, as well as products for disinfection and skin care. As a result, you receive hand hygiene equipment that meets the precise requirements of your industry.

Professional rental service

Once we have equipped you with our products, we take care of the maintenance equipment and deliver all consumables directly to your door. This is our comprehensive, hassle-free service for you.


We are committed to recycling materials and conserving resources. Our cotton towels are hygienically cleaned and reused up to 100 times. The CWS SmartWash mixer tap considerably reduces the usage of water and soap.

We are here for you

We provide a wide range of hygiene services. Let us know your hygiene requirements or concerns and we can arrange to provide CWS Ireland hygiene solutions.

Hand hygiene products

Our dispensers are equipped with modern technology and fit into any interior thanks to the numerous colour and design options.

Cloth hand towel dispensers

Paper Range

Soap dispenser

Stay healthy

Washing your hands properly - How to protect yourself and others

Proper hand washing is simple. With just a few steps, the risk of infection can be reduced to a minimum:

1. Wet hands under running water

2. Lather hands with soap for 20 seconds, including the back of the hands, wrists and between fingers

3. Rinse hands thoroughly under running water

4. Dry hands carefully with a fresh cloth or paper towel

Richtiges Händewaschen ist einfach.

Skin protection plan

More solutions from CWS

CWS Building

Everything from a single source

For us, comfort, hygiene and safety belong together. That's why we offer you a range of products and services that combine these different aspects, from workwear to dust control mats.

Further hygiene solutions from CWS

CWS Solution Hygiene Washroom Optimization

Washroom optimisation

From towel dispensers to complete fittings - design washrooms according to your own requirements.

CWS Solution Hygiene Wellness Hygiene

Hygienic comfort

Stylish designs and high usability give visitors an all-round good feeling.

CWS Solution Hygiene Infection Protection

Infection prevention for employees and guests

We support you in keeping hygiene standards high and reducing the risk of disease.

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