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Fragrance dispensers

Customised and easy for every room: CWS’s Air Bar
is a fragrance concept that will give your rooms that
feel-good atmosphere.

A discreetly designed fragrance dispenser for every room

The CWS Paradise Air Bar diffuses a pleasant fragrance wherever your guests, customers and employees are. They do not use aerosol propellants and are available in a wide range of scents. Specially developed neutralisers make unpleasant odours disappear. Our fragrance concept has a novel, elegant design that looks great, too.


What the Air Bar offers

  • perfectly suited for lasting freshness in washrooms, meeting rooms, and spas
  • battery operated system that doesn’t need to be plugged in
  • environmentally friendly evaporation (no aerosol spray system)
  • two fragrance chambers to use different room fragrances (so you don’t get used to the fragrance)
  • intuitive user interface to select the cartridge and fragrance intensity
  • eleven exclusive fragrances that can be used in different areas and to keep rooms smelling fresh.
  • Neutralisers that stop you from smelling unpleasant odours such as smoke, sweat, WC and kitchen odours
  • All CWS fragrances are IFRA-certified*

CWS Paradise Air Bar

The fragrance dispenser’s technology in detail

Pleasant: The dispenser diffuses the fragrance via an evaporation system. Two fans distribute it evenly throughout the room. The Air Bar works without the spraying mechanism that conventional systems usually have and does not use aerosols.

Versatile: Two fragrance chambers let you use different scents, so you don’t get used to the fragrance. The system switches to the second cartridge automatically after the first one is used up.

Economical: A day/night sensor controls the intelligent fragrance distribution.

Flexible: The battery-powered system can be placed anywhere in the room, since it doesn’t need to be plugged in.

Adjustable: You can choose from four fragrance intensity levels and define the active cartridge.

Resource saving: Two fresh cartridges last for up to about six months (approx. 12-hour operation, 7 days a week, intensity level 3, room temperature 20°C) and thus produce hardly any waste.

Discreet: A white LED on the outside of the dispenser flashes when it needs servicing.

Our service options at a glance

Rental with full service

We take care of the dispenser installation and maintenance as well as all support. This includes configuring the dispenser’s settings and delivering and replacing consumables such as cartridges and batteries.

Rental without full service

You replace cartridges and batteries on your own and configure the dispenser’s settings yourself. We supply the consumables and perform the installation and maintenance.

    All dispensers impress with premium quality and stylish design. In 2016, the Paradise Air Bar was distinguished with a “Special Mention” in the “Bath & Wellness” category of the German Design Award. 

    Paradise Air Bar German Design Award

    Quality and design

    Our award-winning fragrance concept

    All our dispensers will win you over with their first-class quality and their aesthetically pleasing design. The Paradise Air Bar received the “Special Mention” award at the 2016 German Design Awards in the “Bath & Wellness” category.

    We would be happy to assist you

    Would you like to learn more about CWS fragrance dispensers? We would love to tell you all about the Paradise Air Bar’s advantages.

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