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Hand Hygiene Reinvented

CWS SmartWash – the innovative mixer tap

A colleague coughs, a customer sneezes, multiple children have sore throats: germs spread far more quickly than we realise. Most of them are “passed on” from hand to hand in the truest sense of the word. As such, careful hand hygiene is the most important means of preventing infectious diseases.

The CWS SmartWash heralds the beginning of a new chapter in hand hygiene: the innovative mixer tap dispenses premixed water, soap and air, thereby ensuring that 100% of washroom users will use soap when washing their hands with CWS SmartWash in future.


Around just 30% of all visitors to the toilet use soap when washing their hands!


With the CWS SmartWash, 100% of visitors to the toilet use soap when washing their hands!

The perfect mix

Making hygiene simpler

  • Each hand wash follows a set pattern – in just 20 seconds
  • Each hand wash uses soap
  • Better hand hygiene lowers illness rates
  • Soap pouches with single-use mixing-heads ensure even more hygiene
  • Sensor-operated use avoids contact with surfaces

Cutting consts

  • Patented mixing system saves up to 90% water and up to 60% soap
  • This cuts your consumables costs
  • Users do not use more soap and water than necessary
  • Complete exchange of soap unit saves time


Protecting resources

  • Minimal use of resources thanks to innovative mixing system
  • Improved eco-balance
  • Large refill poach means each pack of soap lasts around 150% longer*

Digitalised innovations

  • Patented mixing system combines water, soap and air
  • Data concerning use and function are transmitted via WLAN
  • Efficient control of use and costs
  • You keep track of the soap level and technical status at all times
CWS Hygiene SmartWash easy


Hygiene that’s simpler than ever

Don’t skip the soap! The risk of catching an infectious disease can be reduced by around 50% simply by washing your hands correctly. “Correctly” in this case refers in particular to using soap too. CWS SmartWash ensures that precisely that happens. Thanks to a patented mixing system from Smixin within the unit, the soap is added automatically every time the device is used: a hygienic solution meaning that no one can “get away without using soap” when
washing their hands.

Practice makes perfect – that applies to hand washing too. Repeating the same process of lathering, rubbing and rinsing as set out by the SmartWash trains visitors in the right way to wash their hands every time they use the device. This behaviour is then subconsciously adopted for the most part when washing hands even when no SmartWash is available.

What’s more: the integrated sensor technology makes CWS SmartWash even more hygienic. The user does not have to touch any surfaces at all. The concept of increased hygiene continues in the unit’s interior too: the mixing head is securely attached to each soap pouch and is therefore also when the pouch is exchanged. This means that no cleaning is required.

CWS SmartWash Hygiene so einfach wie nie


Hand washing with just one glass of water

Water is a valuable resource, so it is important that we use it responsibly. CWS SmartWash does so with distinction. Compared to a standard tap, it reduces water consumption considerably: to just 200 ml of water per hand wash instead of around 2 litres! The smart premixing saves up to 90% water and up to 60% soap.

Just 1,250 ml of soap are therefore sufficient for more than 3,100 hand washes. And you don’t need to refill the dispenser for that, as the entire volume comes in just one pouch. As such, the content lasts for around 150% longer* and saves on unnecessary packaging waste.

An additional advantage: CWS SmartWash saves energy by taking its supply from the cold-water pipe, but the water dispensed does not feel cold as the air mixed in ensures a pleasant temperature.

CWS Hygiene SmartWash 200ml 2l

Approx. 0,2 l

Average water consumption per person with the CWS SmartWash**

Approx. 2 l

Average water consumption per person with a standard tap**

* Compared with a standard soap dispenser containing 500 ml
** Manufacturer’s information from Smixin


A smart head

The perfect dose of hygiene: a patented mixing head from Smixin inside the CWS SmartWash premixes water, soap and air automatically. The quantity dispensed is preset to ensure consumption can be calculated efficiently. The CWS SmartWash is equipped with an Internet connection which monitors the water and soap quantity and allows them to be checked at any time. This means you keep track of the consumables costs at all times.

Mixing unit: soap + water + air

CWS Hygiene SmartWash Mixing Head EN


A quantity of 0.4 ml of soap is preset per hand wash. The soap is available in two varieties: Cherry Blossom (standard) and ProCare (hypoallergenic).


An integrated infrared sensor controls the water dispensing intervals.

CWS SmartWash Soap Sensor

The perfect complement

CWS SmartWash Plus – the innovative mixer tap plus digital mirror

With the digital mirror, CWS SmartWash becomes CWS SmartWash Plus. The mirror is the perfect complement to the connected mixer tap to guide the user through the entire handwashing process with easy-to-understand handwashing animations. Here’s how it works:

  • During standby mode, the user is prompted to wash their hands on a large scale.
  • When the proximity sensor on the digital mirror is activated, the guided handwashing process starts automatically and synchronously with the digital mixer tap.
  • A large part of the mirror surface is retained throughout the entire handwashing process.

Soaping, rubbing soap, rinsing well and drying – handwashing is so easy!

CWS SmartWash Plus – the innovative mixer tap plus digital mirror.

Brochure CWS SmartWash

Clean drinking water

Clean drinking water For every CWS SmartWash rented CWS and Smixin will provide 10,000 liters of drinking water via the MadeBlue organisation, guaranteeing 10 children access to fresh water at school for a whole year. MadeBlue’s aim is to improve the water supply in areas where it is needed most.

Made Blue

Partnership for digital hygiene solutions

In order to raise the hygiene standards in public washrooms and improve the hygiene experience of the users CWS is constantly working to develop new ideas and products. In the field of digital hand washing solutions, we recently entered into a cooperation with the Swiss company Smixin, manufacturer of the CWS SmartWash. Together, we have set ourselves the goal of combining our strengths in the development of comprehensive and sustainable solutions for optimal standards in hand hygiene.

Hygienisches Händewaschen

 Nahaufnahme eingeseifter Hände

CWS SmartWash reduziert das Infektionsrisiko

Die meisten Krankheitserreger werden von Hand zu Hand „weitergereicht“. Sorgfältiges Händewaschen ist deshalb die wichtigste Vorbeugung gegen Infektionskrankheiten. Mit dem CWS SmartWash beginnt jetzt ein neues Kapitel der Händehygiene. Die innovative Mischarmatur gibt Wasser, Seife und Luft vorgemischt aus, sodass künftig 100 % der Nutzer beim Händewaschen Seife verwenden.

CWS SmartWash im Überblick

Hygiene vereinfachen

  • Jedes Händewaschen folgt einem festen Ablauf – in nur 20 Sekunden
  • Jeder Händewaschvorgang erfolgt mit Seife
  • Sensorgesteuerte Nutzung vermeidet Oberflächenkontakt
  • Besondere Hygiene durch Seifenbeutel mit Einwegmischkopf
  • Bessere Händehygiene senkt Krankheitsraten

Kosten sparen

  • Patentierte Mischtechnik spart bis zu 90 % Wasser und bis zu 60 % Seife
  • Verbrauchskosten sinken
  • Keine Überdosierung durch die Nutzer
  • Komplettaustausch der Seifeneinheit spart Zeit

Ressourcen schonen

  • Minimaler Ressourceneinsatz durch innovative Mischtechnik
  • Bessere Nachhaltigkeitsbilanz
  • Dank großer Nachfüllbeutel reicht eine Seifenpackung rund 150 % länger (im Vergleich zu einem Standard-Seifenspender mit 500 ml Füllmenge)


Innovationen digitalisiert

  • Patentierte Mischeinheit vermengt Wasser, Seife und Luft
  • Verbrauchs- und Funktionsdaten werden per WLAN übertragen
  • Nutzung und Kosten können effizient kontrolliert werden
  • Füllstand und technischer Status sind stets im Blick

Ein kluges Köpfchen

Der CWS SmartWash besitzt im Inneren einen patentierten Mischkopf aus dem Hause Smixin, der Wasser, Seife und Luft automatisch vermischt. Die Ausgabemenge ist voreingestellt, sodass der Verbrauch effizient kalkulierbar ist. Zudem ist der CWS SmartWash mit einer Internetverbindung ausgestattet, über die die Verbrauchswerte von Wasser und Seife jederzeit abgerufen werden können. So bleiben die Kosten stets im Blick.

Einblick in das Innere des Mischkopfs von CWS SmartWash

Hygienisch und wassersparend

Mehr Hygiene macht die Welt gesünder