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CWS Rental Service

All from one source: a full service for your washrooms

CWS Service

Our range only becomes as good as it is through our service. We want you to be completely satisfied.

CWS is your partner in the rental hygiene service. For high-quality, individual washroom solutions with cutting edge exclusive dispenser design. We provide flexible and perfectly coordinated product range. Behind our products are solutions and a professional service that saves you time. Time that you can use for your core business.

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Comprehensive advice is part of our rental service package: Site visits to your premises and detailed product advice lead to individual service solutions that really suit you - with regard to your individual requirements, the correct CWS Hygiene equipment, products and standards are maintained.

CWS Service Cycle Cleaning

Cleaning & Logistics

Once you have equipped your washrooms with CWS products, you benefit from our convenient cleaning service: fabric towel rolls and hygiene/sanitary dispensers are collected by us, cleaned to the highest hygienic standards and then returned to you.

CWS Service Cycle Maintenance

CWS Maintenance & Repair

As part of our full-service model, all products are maintained by us. We ensure that all CWS Hygiene products and dispensers are always in good working order. 

CWS Benefit Kvalita

Quality assurance

Quality and durability are important to us. Therefore, all products that are collected and cleaned by us, such as mats, fabric towel or LadyCare/Sanitary dispensers, are subjected to quality control in our laundry processes. This way you can be sure that your customers will always find products that are ready to be used.

CWS Service Cycle Installation

Dispenser Installation and removal

At CWS, we also ensure that the dispensers are professionally installed on your premises. Your individual needs are always taken into account, for example with the ideal height, e.g. in Schools and offices or day care centres. Of course, we also take care of the dismantling of the dispensers - including professional upcycling or recycling.

CWS Solution Hygiene Training

Product training

Our CWS dispensers are designed for intuitive use and replacement of consumables Cotton rolls, paper and soap. In addition, our installation team will be happy to provide detailed instructions for the use, opening and replacement of consumables (Cotton rolls, paper and soap) to the respective facility managers/cleaners. Extra training is also available. In addition, you can find tutorials for refilling the dispensers on our YouTube channel.

CWS Hygiena

Consumables (paper and soap) With Service

CWS not only supplies you with all accessories and consumables such as toilet and towel paper, soap and hand sanitising cartridges or any liquid from our range. CWS also takes care of the maintenance of the dispensers and the delivery of all consumables. All you have to do is put them into the dispensers so your washroom hygiene is complete. 

For the Air Bar products, our service drivers take care of replacing the consumables (disinfectant or fragrance cartridges) or as agreed.

Prenájom výhod CWS

CWS Rental service

The CWS rental service is always part of our solutions - and it pays off for you! The rental service is a cost-effective option for you the customer. This is because you benefit from our capital, and our hygiene know-how and expertise, consultative personnel, storage capacity etc.. For YOU, this means: no initial capital investment, our care and repair for dispensers less planning and storage effort and less work for you. This allows you to save time and investment.

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Are you already a customer of CWS?
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