Cleaner uses the CWS smartMate app in a washroom with dispensers mounted on the wall

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Intelligent washroom management with smartMate IoT

Efficiently managing your washrooms is now easier than ever. By using the CWS smartMate IoT solution, you assure yourself of maximum insight and maximum hygiene.

Smart washroom management  

We introduce to you our intelligent IoT solution smartMate. Efficiently maintain your washrooms and react to peak hours before they happen through real-time information and data analysis. Cleaners know exactly where action is needed for efficient washroom management. With smartMate you save on costs, reduce unnecessary wastage and offer everyone a pleasant and hygienic washroom experience.  

What is the IoT? The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network that connects physical objects (the ‘things’) equipped with sensors, software and technologies over the internet to exchange data with other devices and systems. It lets our dispensers produce data, so you can easily monitor your washrooms and ensure the highest level of hygiene.  

This is what your Online Dashboard could look like: 

Pure Data, 
Smart Hygiene 

With real-time data on filling or battery levels, and dispensing amounts, you will always know what your washroom needs. Our easy planning features make scheduling a breeze. With visible peak hours, you can anticipate usage patterns and adjust accordingly. Sustainability is also accounted for. Plus, the user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to navigate between the main menu items: dashboard, devices, data analysis and settings.   

CWS smartMate online dashboard on a laptop

Want to maximize your washroom efficiency?  

This is what your smartMate app could look like: 

The on-the-go smartMate solution 

With the user friendly smartMate app you can easily monitor filling levels, battery levels, and plan cleaning tasks. The app displays device type, location, connectivity, and the dispensing counter. It allows you to assign settings and adjust time delays between activations. The cleaning mode deactivates dispensers for 60 seconds, making cleaning tasks easier. 


CWS smartMate app open on a phone

Want to save costs and resources with smart washroom management?   

Get ready for excellent user experience. Get ready for smartMate. 

ruka s listami

Reduced wastage 

smartMate helps to reduce the waste of consumables by monitoring usage and optimizing refill schedules
Šťastná tvár

Always available  

By monitoring refill and battery levels, the dispensers are always ready to use, ensuring happy users


Save on time and costs by efficiently managing and planning cleaning and maintenance cycles
Človek so žiarovkou

Optimized inventory 

Thanks to data analysis and insights into user patterns, ordering based on predictions can be avoided 


Answers to frequently asked questions

Do you still have unanswered questions about CWS smartMate and IoT? Then you will find the right answer here. If your question does not appear, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What is IoT and what does IoT do?   

IoT stands for the "Internet of Things" and refers to the interconnectivity of physical devices, such as sensors and machines, through the internet to collect and exchange data. It's all about devices communicating with each other to make our lives easier.  

So, in other words IoT makes CWS PureLine dispensers smarter and lets them produce data. Using this technology, data is exchanged - such as usage frequency and inventory levels - to better monitor and ensure hygiene.

Do IoT devices need the internet?  

No, the dispensers doesn't require internet connectivity to function and transmit data. However, the CWS smartMate gateway solution need internet connectivity and it works either with LAN, Wifi or SIM-card to connect the devices and the cloud-based dashboard. The smartMate app solution works with Bluetooth to connect your dispensers. This allows you to monitor usage, maintenance needs, and other data in real-time.

What is efficient washroom management?  

With CWS smartMate IoT solution, managing your washrooms efficiently is easier than ever. By using technology and data analysis you are able to optimize the cleaning and maintenance cycles of your washroom facilities. This leads to more efficiency, cost savings and an optimal user experience. It's like having a personal assistant for your washroom - it helps you keep everything running smoothly.

How to reduce waste in washrooms?  

To reduce wastage of consumables in washrooms, consider using smart dispensers from CWS that monitor usage and clearly state when refills are needed. By implementing sustainable practices such as using the cotton towel dispenser and reducing paper towel usage you can impress others with your eco-friendly ways and help save trees while drying hands. 

How do I know if my dispenser is IoT ready?  

If you have a CWS PureLine dispenser, it may always have been IoT ready. See the list below for all IoT ready devices:  

How do I save on cleaning costs?  

Saving on cleaning costs can be achieved by optimizing cleaning schedules. One way to do this is by using the CWS smartMate IoT solution. It provides real-time insight into filling volumes and output, so that cleaning and maintenance cycles can be scheduled based on data. Work can be done much more efficiently and as we all know: saving time is saving costs.

Yes, I also want to manage my washrooms intelligently!