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CWS in the Health and Social Care Sector

Equipment and services for emergency services,
hospitals, and inpatient and outpatient care.

Continuous cycle

Emergency services uniforms, bed linen, towels, and more: Hospitals and nursing homes have to cope with large quantities of laundry every day. Washing machines and tumble dryers spin virtually around the clock to remove dirt and germs. Well thought-out planning is required so that nursing homes and outpatient nursing staff are always equipped with the appropriate laundry items. Of course, this must be done quickly and in an environmentally friendly manner. For example, we can provide you with healthcare tunics, hospital or nursing home laundry, and hygiene products quickly and sustainably. And if you wish, we can also offer complete servicing for these items.

CWS Cleanplan

Here's how it works with CWS

Efficiency up, costs down. We deliver all the products you need to protect your employees, residents or patients directly to your facility - from cleaning products and cleaning cloths to cleaning trolleys.

CWS Stationswäsche

Cleanplan allows you to concentrate fully on your core tasks and eliminates the need to coordinate several service providers. We take care of the logistics, warehousing and professional washing of the textiles for you, saving you time and money. In addition, we ensure that all the products you require are always available in the right quantity and optimum quality. You can calculate your costs more precisely, helping you to operate cost-effectively.

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Product rental

We not only save you logistics and storage costs, but also around 80 percent of your investment costs. Since many products are available in the CWS rental service, you do not have to buy them outright. The fact that you can rely on our sophisticated logistics system alone will increase your efficiency by a healthy 25 percent.

Where we can help you

CWS Healthcare

Health & social care

Clothing, laundry service and more

CWS Workwear


Protect employees and equip them appropriately

CWS Cleanrooms


Create sterile spaces and operating rooms

CWS Hygiena


Cleaning, care and skin protection

CWS Floor Care

Dust control mats

Furnish working and entrance areas

Skin protection plan

Your hands are your most important tool for treating wounds and personal hygiene. In addition, frequent hand washing, disinfecting, and working with protective gloves can be tough on skin. In health and social care professions, more than half of job-related illnesses affects the skin. We will develop a skin protection plan for you that includes measures for skin care, cleaning and protection, while taking legal regulations into account. Plus, since every healthcare facility has its own requirements, we work with you to tailor these measures to your needs.

Krankenschwester reibt sich die Hände mit Desinfektionsmittel ein

Feel free to reach out. We will advise you personally and help you, for example, with our products or the optimal service cycle for your facility.

Views on the topic

Germ reduction

“Especially in the washroom, there are many things you can do to prevent the spread of germs. A well-equipped toilet supports the hygiene plan of a facility effectively, and is simultaneously an excellent business card for the quality and service of the establishment.”

Rüdiger Moll, Key Account, CWS Deutschland

Rüdiger Moll, Key Account, CWS Deutschland

The impact of odours

"The smell of a place has a special effect on us. The targeted yet discreet use of fragrance dispensers can make a decisive contribution to well-being and help residents relax. And a palpably pleasant atmosphere is always a plus point for a facility."

Nadine Asmacher, Nursing Home Manager at the "Wohlbehagen" nursing home in Hagen-Hohenlimburg

Nadine Asmacher, Pflegedienstleitung des Pflegeheims „Wohlbehagen“ in Hagen-Hohenlimburg

Kitchen hygiene

"Day after day, fresh and healthy meals are prepared in our kitchen, including special dietary foods. Everything must comply 100 percent with the hygiene regulations and pass every test. With the appropriate products and equipment, we can meet these requirements - and ensure the protection of our employees at the same time."

Nicole Kappel, carer at “Wohlbehagen” nursing home in Hagen-Hohenlimburg

Nicole Kappel, Pflegekraft im Pflegeheim „Wohlbehagen“ in Hagen-Hohenlimburg

The impact of the entrance area

"We want our residents to feel at home with us. That's why we place great importance on a neat and welcoming entrance area. It should radiate a positive atmosphere and at the same time convey the quality of our care. This is why we prefer functional products that ensure cleanliness in an uncomplicated way and add a colourful touch."

Willi Strüwer, Head of Facility Management at "Wohlbehagen" nursing home in Hagen-Hohenlimburg

Willi Strüwer, Einrichtungsleiter im Pflegeheim „Wohlbehagen“ in Hagen-Hohenlimburg

CWS Newsroom

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In our news section, we report on new collections, services, current sustainability issues, and plenty more. In addition, we give you tips, for example on how to wash laundry and workwear during the COVID-19 pandemic or how hygiene management can reduce illness rates and costs.

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Outstanding sustainability

Since we have been integrating efficient hygiene management and environmentally friendly processes into our economic activity for many years, we have received various awards from renowned institutions.

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