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This is our complete carefree service for you.

Rental solutions that suit your needs

CWS stands for holistic solutions where the health, safety, and the protection of people are the main focus. For example, this includes your hygiene equipment, the floor mats in your foyer, your employees' workwear, and the laundry service for nursing home residents. Cleanroom supply and fire safety systems complete our range of services. With our rental service, we stand by your side as a reliable partner at all times.

Rental Solution Full Service CWS

We offer a complete solution for each sector, covering all components: Individual consultation and planning, cleaning, maintenance services, and delivery and collection, all of which fit seamlessly into your everyday business.

With our experience, expertise and logistics, we have your back. You save time, costs and space, allowing you to concentrate fully on your core business.

We cater to your requirements

Sound advice right from the word go

Truly great service begins with the feeling of being in good hands. That's why we provide you with professional client contacts for all your needs. Because every company operates differently, we work closely with you to define your needs and the appropriate range of services. In this way, our solutions perfectly match your individual needs.

What makes up our all-round service

Consulting and concept

You decide what our service should look like. From the design of your washrooms to the protective clothing of your employees, we support you with tailor-made solutions. We will also gladly come directly to you for an on-site analysis.

Efficient cost planning

You can calculate your costs reliably on the basis of a rental fee. At the same time, you avoid major initial investments and unexpected repair costs.

Cleaning service and quality control

Once we have equipped you with work clothes for your nursing staff, for example, the rented garments are professionally cleaned and inspected. If necessary, we even repair or replace them.

Installation and maintenance

From towel dispensers to fire alarm systems, our technicians install equipment and devices professionally and are available on-site in case something goes wrong.

Collection and delivery

We collect used textiles, such as workwear or cloth towel rolls, and deliver them back freshly washed. We also ensure regular supplies of consumables such as soap or towels.

Education and training

Whether fire protection instruction or cleanroom behaviour: We support your employees and facility managers with individual training courses.

Sustainable services that pay dividends

Nachhaltiger Service lohnt sich für Sie

We provide our services in an environmentally conscious and sustainable manner. To achieve this, we have created a resource-saving service cycle, which our towel rolls, workwear and dust control mats pass through repeatedly. This enables us to offer our customers a service that is both high quality and cost-efficient.





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Progress is a cycle

We are always looking for new ways to conserve resources and avoid waste.

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Sustainability at CWS

With our products and services, we stand for a healthier and safer future.

Everything from a single source

CWS Budova

Our expertise is versatile

From the appropriate hygiene equipment to protective workwear and preventive fire safety, our services are diverse and can be combined as an integrated solution. Discover all the areas of CWS.

Certificates for our service

ISO 9001

Quality Management System

ISO 14001

Environmental Management System

OHSAS 18001

Occupational health and safety management system
Arbeits- und Gesundheitsschutz-Managementsystem