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Mat systems for all areas

Our mat systems ensure you leave a lasting impression
on your customers, make for a healthier workplace,
and also cover special requirements.

Our dust control mats

Standard Mats

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Dust control mats from CWS

One-stop shop for dust control mats and cleaning services

You can’t go wrong with our rental service because we guarantee the hygienic cleaning of your dust control mats while saving resources at the same time.

Whether in a shop, in companies or in nurseries, our dust control mats can be used wherever moisture and dirt collects. When someone brushes their shoes on the mats, they absorb moisture and dirt from them. This keeps your building clean and reduces your cleaning costs by up to 70%.

We have a large selection of standard sizes available for this purpose and also offer individual design options so that the right mat is available for every room, occasion, and safety requirement.

Our solutions for you

CWS Riešenie pre podlahy - starostlivosť o podlahy vo vstupných priestoroch

Entrance area design

We make your entrance area the focus of your company.

CWS podlahové riešenie - zdravé pracovisko

Occupational health

The health of your employees is our priority. Especially when constant standing is involved.

CWS Riešenie pre podlahy - špeciálne požiadavky na starostlivosť o podlahy

Special requirements

We also offer clean and reliable solutions for special areas of application.

The benefits with us

Superior quality

In order to guarantee you the best possible quality, we only use first-class materials. Our dust control mats made of special high-twist nylon pile absorb up to 4.8 litres of dirt and moisture per square metre.

Europe-wide cleaning service

We operate a large number of state-of-the-art laundry facilities in Europe, which are certified according to current hygiene, environmental and quality standards. Here, dust control mats, cotton towel rolls and work attire are washed and reprocessed.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

To ensure we use natural resources responsibly, the water for our cleaning processes is used as efficiently as possible. We reuse the same water several times over and this enables us to achieve a water recycling rate of 80%.

Clean in record time

Each dust control mat passes through a large washing system consisting of ten chambers. The washing process itself only takes about 35 minutes and the entire treatment process takes a maximum of one hour.

The clever alternative

renting instead of buying

CWS offers you the possibility to rent dust control mats instead of buying them—a full service package. This way your company remains flexible, but also gets the benefits of professional care and maintenance. For this purpose, we give you our service promise.

Our mission—sustainability

The recycling economy is an essential component of our business model. Hygienic reprocessing is just as important as the long service life of our products. For this purpose, we created a resource-saving service cycle, which our dust control mats run through several times.

Dust control mats in combination with many other solutions

CWS Budova

Dust control mats are only one of the many CWS solutions that offer you optimum protection and safety. Get to know more areas.


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