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CWS Ireland are always ready, when it comes to Hi Vis Workwear. 

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13 October 2022 Workwear

Are you ready for Winter and do you have the correct Workwear to keep you safe.  

Thousands of occupational accidents are reported every year, many of them are avoidable. We want your employees to return home healthy at the end of a working day. This is why we offer the Workwear protection they need: functional and needs-based protective Workwear.

Our range of workwear collections - from high-visibility and weatherproof clothing to protective workwear for welders. We not only provide the PPE, we also collect it from you, repair it, and return it clean and good as new. Only regularly professionally reprocessed PPE can retain its protective efficacy. For this, you can rely on the professionals from CWS Ireland.