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The washroom as an experience: the solutions from CWS Hygiene ensure that your customers, guests and employees feel at ease and stay healthy. In our latest interview, Frank Reisgies, Johannes Winterhager and Heike Seltmann tell us why CWS Hygiene is more than just soap dispensers and cotton towel rolls – plus, how they and their teams turn hygiene into something you can experience!


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9 May 2019 Hygiene

Frank Reisgies: General Manager HY Core Business / Johannes Winterhager: Managing Director CWS Complete Washroom Concepts / Heike Seltmann: Sales Director New Business Hygiene

CWS Hygiene means: making hygiene something you can experience

“For us, hygiene doesn’t just mean: ‘We install soap dispensers’,” explained Frank Reisgies, General Manager Hygiene Core Business. “Instead, we like to save our customers the hard work and offer complete, sustainable and well-thought-out concepts.”

In a recent interview, the three experts explained that this is far more than a question of merely selecting the right product. Johannes Winterhager, who works together with his team on digital modules and complete concepts for washrooms, explained how the washroom of the future might look. “Our hand hygiene solution CWS Smart Wash is a prime example: it combines a digital tap with an animation on the mirror above, showing you exactly how to wash your hands correctly – hygiene becomes an experience.”


CWS Hygiene advises: hygiene becomes a vision

These and further solutions are possible because the CWS Hygiene team is working passionately to make hygiene a convenient routine, even in our hectic day-to-day lives. Heike Seltmann, Sales Director New Business, communicates this passion to our customers too: “Together, we are creating a vision,” she said. “Our team finds the perfect solution for every customer – a solution which promotes hygiene, fits in with their design concept and saves resources. Together, we can improve the value of the washroom area in the company immensely.”

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CWS Hygiene has arrived: hygiene so close you can reach out and touch it

We have all seen the three CWS letters before. No surprise for Heike Seltmann: “We are everywhere and close to our customers! We offer extremely close customer proximity with our customer consultants, service teams and drivers, meaning we can be on site quickly – even on the same day if needs be.”

Hygiene for everyone – also thanks to the extensive product portfolio: “At CWS, customers get everything from a single source,” explained Frank Reisgies. “In addition, we can also take over the complete organisation of washrooms for customers if they so wish. This means they no longer have to worry about whether soap needs to be reordered or if there are any dispensers missing. We take care of all that. And we do so in a way which ensures there is always a plentiful supply of soap, paper and clean single-use towels available.”


CWS Hygiene is healthy: hygiene is a preventative measure for people and the environment

With this service, CWS doesn’t just contribute to the well-being of washroom users. After all, the washroom is often underestimated when it comes to preventative healthcare. At the same time, handwashing is the simplest means of protecting yourself against diseases. Frank Reisgies is convinced: “Our solutions make hand hygiene simple and convenient. Our new, digital products even turn it into something you can experience. In this way, we help our customers to promote their employees’ and guests’ health and prevent the spread of diseases.

Johannes Winterhager added: “People who feel at ease in the washroom, find everything they need there for hand hygiene and also see whether they have thought about all their hand and finger surfaces contribute to the health of all those around them.”

And it’s not just about people’s health. “Our sustainable solutions help to avoid waste and save water,” said Heike Seltmann. “That’s not just good for your image, but also a definite bonus for the environment. Now and in the future.”

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