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To work according the GMP Annex 1 guidelines is sometimes a challenge. We as a full-service provider for cleanroom cleaning, textiles and training are aware of this and are happy to support you in all your needs with our expertise and passion.

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4 January 2022 Cleanrooms

Where the highest requirements for cleanrooms exist, CWS is your reliable partner

Cleanroom Clothing One Source

We create a customized garment system for you, exactly in accordance with the guidelines your company works with. All articles are perfectly disinfected due to our professional process of decontamination, with – in the pharma washing process – log 6 reduction and in-house steam sterilisation. After washing, the items are packaged and delivered in the correct manner.

No space for contamination with our head & face coverings

Whether the right shapes, sizes, open or closed hoods – together we choose the right solution for head and face covering for your GMP class. Even for the ones who want to be 100% sure that every part of the head is completely covered we have a solution: a hood with clickable goggle. This hood – goggle combination can be attached to each other by means of buckles. This way you can be sure that no skin is visible anymore and the risk of contamination is reduced to a minimum.

Cleanroom Goggle
Cleanroom Clothing Cleanvision

Reduce gowning time & minimize contamination with the right coverall

A coverall is not just a ‘standard’ article like you probably think, there are numerous possibilities. When people think of coveralls, they often like to think of a garment with a zipper in front. But have you ever thought of an coverall with zipper between the legs? Due to the special gowning method with these coveralls you have less contact points on the outside and can reduce the changing time up to 25%. By using these coveralls you minimize contamination and finally save time and money. Another coverall which limits contamination in the cleanroom even more is the so-called ‘Cleanvision’ coverall with integrated hood and visor. These innovative coverall has been specially designed for use in the pharmaceutical industry. It consists of only one part and has an optimal particle retention so that protection of the products will be improved.


As you can see a coverall is not just a coverall – we are happy to support you to choose the right one which will add value to your cleanroom processes.

Take also care of one of the most perspiring body parts – the right socks & shoes for your feet

Last, but not least: do not forget about the socks and shoes. Special cleanroom socks are relatively unknown in the market and they ensure that contamination from cotton or wool socks are kept out of the cleanroom.

Besides, the feet are one of the most perspiring body parts and because of this, proper hygiene of footwear is necessary. However, cleaning shoes is often forgotten because boots are still worn over the shoes. We also support you on this with washable shoes, clogs and boots.

At CWS Cleanrooms, we always work in partnership with our customers to offer services to best support your business.

Do not hesitate to contact us and let's find out how you can take advantage of our passion for solutions.