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Corona virus in Europe

Find out here how you can protect yourself.
6 February 2020
CWS Hand Hygiene

Find out here how you can protect yourself.

What effects does the new corona virus have? Many people are asking this question now that the new disease has reached Europe. Some cases have been confirmed in France and Germany. The good news is that health experts such as the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) believe that the risk of being infected with the new virus is currently low. The RKI also expressly points out that the flu represents a higher risk than the novel virus.

Each of us can do something to prevent the flu and other infectious diseases from spreading further. And this in a simple way:

  1. Regular hand washing with soap and water is important
    80% of infectious diseases are transmitted via hands - including colds and flu and gastro-intestinal infections.
  2. Don’t touch your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands
    Viruses get into the mucous membranes via our hands and thus into the body. Paying attention to this reduces the probability of infection.
  3. Precautions when coughing and sneezing
    If you are ill, you should keep at least one meter distance from other people when coughing and sneezing and turn away. If possible, cough or sneeze in a disposable handkerchief that you can dispose of directly afterwards. Do not forget to wash your hands then.
  4. Hand disinfection: how to protect yourself and others
    If you have a lot of contact with different people, hand disinfection can also be useful. Disinfect your hands when visiting a hospital or other care facility – when entering and leaving. This way you avoid unwanted "guest gifts" that travel unnoticed through your hands.

You can find further tips at hand-hygiene.info. Up-to-date information on the corona virus can be found at the Bundesministerium für Gesundheit or the World Health Organisation.