CWS supports European Diversity Month

Dedicated activities to raise awareness for diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in everyday life.

EU Diversity Month

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4 May 2021

Promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in everyday life - that is the goal of the EU Commission. In 2004, it established 26 European Diversity Charters, in which organisations can voluntarily participate. CWS has signed the Diversity Charter in 2020 and is participating in the "European Diversity Month" with increased social media measures. May was not chosen as the month of action by chance: It is the month of the Diversity Days, which are to receive even more attention through the Diversity Month. 

CWS deliberately uses the Diversity Month to show its commitment to the outside world. Together with its employees, CWS wants to stand up for more diversity and inclusion and also embed the topic more firmly in the corporate culture.

More information on diversity at CWS in the interview with Jürgen Höfling, CEO of the CWS Group:


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