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Keep floors clean and less slippery this Autumn and winter season.

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5 October 2023 Floor Care

You probably know that as soon as the Autumn weather begins, the need for cleaning your floors increases. Dirt is increasingly being carried into your building; there are stains all over the floor, and one of your colleagues barely manages to avoid slipping (with a cup of hot coffee in his hand) because the floor is wet. It is important to get these problems under control. It starts with taking a closer look at the entrance to your building, because the right dirt trapping mat in the entrance area can have a major impact on your business. It offers savings on cleaning costs and an investment in the safety of your employees and guests.

Did you know that ...

... 80% of dirt is carried into your building via the soles of shoes?

... up to 12 times more dirt gets into the building during rain and snowfall?

... 90% of falls happen on a wet floor?

... on average 40% of the cleaning budget is spent on floor cleaning? 

Functions of the CWS dirt trapping mats

The function of our CWS dirt trapping mats is actually quite simple: When you walk on the mat, dirt and moisture are removed from the soles of your shoes. With ordinary mats, the dirt then sticks to the surface. The difference between our dirt trapping mats and a “normal doormat” lies in our high-twist technology. The special fibers we use ensure that 90% of dirt and 85% of moisture are directed inside the mat. The dirt is held there while the moisture evaporates. The mats have an absorption capacity of more than 4 litres per square meter. You don't need to worry about the cleanliness of the mats: our service drivers come, pick up the dirty mats and put clean mats back. The dirty mats are then washed in our sustainable laundries. 

By using the CWS dirt trapping mats, your colleague can simply go and have a coffee again without any worries. And your customers too.

CWS Schmutzfangmatte im Eingangsbereich eines Büros

Individual Dirt Trapping Mats

With our dirt trapping mats you can ensure a clean and safe environment for your employees, customers and other guests. As a bonus, you can even reduce your floor cleaning costs by 70%. But that's not all: you'll also improve the first impression your customers get when they enter your business. For example, think of our customizable ones. The logo mat with your company logo, a special message or a slogan. Plus, your own floors will stay looking good for longer as the mats prevent scratches, surface wear and stains on the floor.

Eine Logomatte im Eingangsbereich zum Fahrstuhl

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