Make tampons accessible to everyone

CWS introduces tampon dispensers with free delivery of organic cotton tampons. For equality and tackling menstrual poverty. This is why we are proud to be able to offer this dispenser to customers from today in collaboration with Period Pack!

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12 December 2022 Hygiene

Just as natural as toilet paper

Free tampons

86 percent of women have experienced an unexpected period in a public place, without access to the necessary menstrual products.* If you don't have a sanitary towel or tampons in your pocket, you feel as lost as someone who runs out of toilet paper. Why not one on every toilet tampon dispenser?

Equality right down to the toilet area
That is why CWS is introducing the tampon dispenser with free distribution of organic cotton tampons. As a service to your employees and guests. Or to combat menstrual poverty in schools, for example. It is our collective responsibility to work for gender equality. *Source: Free The Tampons


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Together against menstrual poverty

Armoedefonds donatie CWS
From left to right Sander Bos of CWS, Wendy Heerkens-Brands of the Poverty Fond and Véronique Soekaloe of CWS.

What does CWS do?

With the introduction of the tampon dispenser, CWS wants to make the distribution of free tampons available in as many places as possible. In addition, CWS has donated 8700 menstrual products to the Poverty fund. Because 1 in 10 women in poverty sometimes have no money for this.

Menstrual products distribution points
The Poverty Fund therefore makes menstrual products available free of charge through local aid organizations and other accessible locations. click here for an overview of all menstrual products dispensing points.

Free first supply of tampons incl. donation!

Choose a CWS tampon dispenser now and receive the first refill temporarily free. In addition, we donate a box of tampons to the Poverty Fund and you automatically contribute to combating menstrual poverty.
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"We want to break the taboo around this topic and make sure girls' school attendance or women's ability to work don't depend on their period."
Lova Svensson and Amanda Mattsson, founders of the Period Pack Tampon Dispenser
Lova en Amanda van Period Pack

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