Not all Workwear is the same.

Not all Workwear is the same.  The difference between a Full CWS Ireland Workwear Service and an off the shelf service.


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3 November 2022 Workwear

The difference is we offer full support for you and your workwear instead of a once off purchase from a generic range from a supplier that workwear is only part of their business.  Workwear is our business.  At CWS Ireland, you will find Workwear that you will feel comfortable and safe. our collections from PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Industry specific from Food to Lab coats to high end production lines to everyday workwear and it all starts with the selection of materials. We only use high-quality fabrics that are durable and easy to wear. We also pay attention to comfort and functional fit in our design process, which allows for ample freedom of movement. We focus on quality during production. As a result, our workwear is hardworking as we test it extensively as our workwear is designed for weekly processing and meets all industrial processing (cleaning/laundry) standards. Our quality promise also applies to the service we provide, which is part of the CWS Ireland complete package.  Whereas opting for once off workwear you get a generic non-specific garment rather than a CWS Ireland workwear designed for your organisational specific requirements.  Contact us today to discuss your industry specific requirements.  Not all Workwear is the same!  Talk to our CWS Ireland Workwear Consultant today.

CWS Ireland Workwear V Generic