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5 June 2019 Cleanrooms

Maximum particle purity, minimal germ burden, optimal production conditions – the highest possible standards apply in cleanrooms. After all, this is where products such as vital drugs are manufactured and innovative technologies are created. Which is why, above all, cleanrooms must be one thing: absolutely reliable. CWS Cleanrooms is committed to ensuring precisely this. Markus Schad, Frédéric Bühler and Ray Heffernan took the time to talk to us about their team’s commitment to offering a first-class service on a daily basis.

Markus Schad: Director Business Development Textile Care / Frédéric Bühler: Manager Sales & Service for Region DACH & EEU / Raymond Heffernan: Head of Sales Ireland

Maximum commitment, full service

“CWS Cleanrooms offers a full service for cleanroom textiles as well as sustainable solutions for cleanrooms in the healthcare, automotive and semiconductor sectors,” explained Markus Schad, who manages the CWS Cleanrooms solution area. “The broad offering covers all cleanroom classes and each process step has been intelligently designed.”

Frédéric Bühler, Manager Sales & Service, added, “We provide the ideal combination of clothing, accessories and cleaning solutions and work to ensure a complete and utterly reliable process – from collection and professional decontamination to timely delivery.” The facts speak for themselves: Our customers remain loyal, indeed some have been with us since the 80s.

Cleanrooms Medicine Pharma

Customised consultation, customised solutions

Long-term customer relationships are testimony to real trust. This trust can only be the product of genuine expertise and reliability. “Our experts have years of experience and comprehensive knowledge about cleanrooms,” stated Head of Sales Ireland Ray Heffernan with confidence. “We have both the experience and skills to propose and implement best practices. Customers benefit from a customised consultation service and a solution tailored to their requirements. Decontaminated cleanroom clothing is needed in location A on Mondays, location B on Tuesdays and location C on Fridays? No problem!”


Sustainable demands, sustainable process

Alongside reliable purity and the timely delivery of all products and services, sustainability is also a central issue at CWS Cleanrooms. “Our entire concept is based on reuse,” explained Ray Heffernan. “For example, we are working to offer reusable cleanroom goggles to all our customers. These not only prevent waste, they are also more comfortable for wearers.” At the end of the life cycle, the products from CWS Cleanrooms are professionally recycled

The processes which CWS Cleanrooms develops together with its customers are also shaped by a consistently sustainable approach. “We have a contingency system in place in our certified laundries; should one laundry become inoperative, others which are able to decontaminate products to the same high standard can step in,” explained Frédéric Bühler. “We are well aware that our customers’ products can’t wait,” added Markus Schad. “That is why we permanently ensure that bottlenecks cannot occur. That makes us unique.”

CR-Cleanroom laundry-Contingency

A healthy cleanroom, a healthy future

All those who, like CWS, assist companies in the production of vital drugs, are automatically working towards a healthier future. “We support our customers in reaching minimal particle concentration, fewer germs and a cleanroom which produces flawless medication. And not to forget the semiconductor industry: Products are manufactured there which serve, for example, to make cars safer. Here, too, our solutions are at work,” stressed Markus Schad. He summarised by explaining: “Our service is indispensable for the manufacturing of products which make us all safer and healthier.” The sense of enthusiasm for what his team achieves is evident in every single word.

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