Training for Corona vaccine producers

In 12 units the ReinraumAkademie currently trains the employees for the responsible task in the cleanroom.

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10 December 2020 Cleanrooms

The ReinraumAkademie has set itself the task of conveying the right behavior in and around the cleanroom. The staff of a leading immunotherapy company from Mainz is currently being trained. With 12 sessions, employees, who are about to prepare a possible corona vaccine, are trained for their daily work in the cleanroom.

The Mainz-based immunotherapy company is expected to produce a corona vaccine at its Marburg site. To ensure that the local team is optimally prepared for daily work in the cleanroom, Dr. Rüdiger Laub's team is training the specialist personnel on the premises of Pharmaserv GmbH. There are 12 four-hour behavioural training sessions scheduled. Contents of the training include correct dressing, handling of contamination and general staff behaviour and hygiene. More than 100 employees have already been successfully trained in the first training series.

"We are excited to be able to support the team in their job in the best possible way through our training. Hygiene and correct behaviour are the daily basis for working in the cleanroom. Especially during the ongoing pandemic, it is important to be proactive and to ensure the best possible preparation for the production of the required vaccine", says Dr. Rüdiger Laub about the unit. The ReinraumAkademie has been part of the CWS Group since 2019 as part of the acquired company profi-con.

This training is offered as classroom training under strict conditions.

- A maximum of 10 persons are in the training room

- All rooms are equipped according to a strict hygiene concept

- A minimum distance of 1.5 metres is kept between them

- Face mask is obligatory

- Windows must be kept permanently open