World Standards Day: With standards for more hygiene and safety in all areas

Since 1970, 14 October has been celebrated as "Standards Day". This year in particular has shown how important standards are for health and safety.

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14 October 2020

Standards accompany us throughout our lives. Most of the time we pay little attention to them or take them mainly as a relief - for example in the planning of real estate or processes, in projects or also in the implementation of occupational safety measures or hygiene concepts.

How important standards and norms can be is currently being demonstrated against the background of the corona pandemic. Now more than ever, it is essential to define and follow hygiene standards. This also applies, for example, to hygiene in laundries, for which there are also special standards.  For example, the 52 laundries operated by CWS have a RABC hygiene management system in accordance with DIN EN 14065, the abbreviation RABC standing for Risc analysis and biocontamination control-system, a system for controlling the microbiological quality of textiles during processing. The aim is to ensure a defined microbiological quality of textiles processed in laundries. The standards are high, as RABC is derived from the strict HACCP concept of the food industry. The aim of the system is to ensure a defined microbiological quality of textiles processed in laundries. At CWS, this is done in accordance with DIN 10524 "Food hygiene - work clothing in food processing companies".

Laundries working for customers from the healthcare sector also have a hygiene management system in accordance with DIN EN 14065 and are certified to RAL GZ 992/1 - 3. This is an independent mark of quality that includes both the process control of RAL GZ 992/1 and a hygiene certificate. The limit values for the health sector (RAL GZ 992/2) are defined according to the requirements of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). Customers who use the CWS rental service can thus be sure that they receive hygienically clean laundry - regardless of whether it is work clothing, flat linen or rolls of fabric towels. The latter are also awarded the Blue Angel eco-label.

The hygiene management systems are monitored annually by an independent certification company. In addition, quarterly internal audits are carried out. These include, among other things, proof of the disinfecting effect of the washing procedures, testing of damp or dry goods and surfaces by means of contact and water samples with regard to germ contamination and regular staff training. The established processes for laundry transport, which are also integrated into the hygiene management system, are also put to the test. In addition, the service and depot locations are also certified according to DIN EN 14065.

In addition to our laundries, many other areas and processes are certified. Thus, our sustainable actions are based on globally recognised environmental standards such as the ISO 14001 certificate.  This environmental management system helps CWS to make its environmental performance visible and verifiable with help of key figures - and to improve it continuously. This way, standards contribute to greater transparency, credibility and also more environmental protection with regard to global sustainability goals. For a healthier and safer future.