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CWS Location Germany

Chemical-free wastewater treatment – after Sweden now also in Germany

What at first may sound like a futuristic fantasy is already reality at CWS: 100-percent chemical-free wastewater treatment by means of electrocoagulation – a process in which the wastewater is subjected to electrical voltage in what is known as the RedBOX in order to separate the pollution from the water highly efficiently. Around 30 percent of this treated water can then be reused for prewashing heavily soiled textiles. The process is not only environmentally friendly but also energy efficient.

CWS Location Ireland

CWS Ireland publishes new direct sale workwear brochure

CWS Ireland offers a complete rental service in the workwear sector for a wide range of industries. Now the company has additionally published a direct sales brochure. It is designed to support existing rental customers who may have employees who require workwear on a direct sales basis. At the same time, it appeals to new customers for whom the rental model is not suitable, such as the construction industry.

CWS Ireland Workwear Brochure
CWS Location Netherlands

Contributing to more equal opportunities

CWS Hygiene Netherlands supports the future workforce of the country. Taking part in the national initiative “The boss of tomorrow” by JINC, a local non-profit organisation, children from primary and secondary schools get to be a CWS Hygiene manager for a day in 2021. They will learn how a manager’s work day looks like and also share their opinion on the workplaces of tomorrow, i.e. the importance of equal opportunities in the workplace.

In cooperation with JINC, CWS Hygiene Netherlands is committed to supporting children from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds since 2019. CWS employees also teach them how to apply for a job. By getting to know various professions through fun and interactive learning activities at CWS locations, children aged 8–16 can discover what kind of work suits their talents. Since last year, CWS Hygiene Netherlands is an official partner of JINC.

CWS Hygiene Netherlands supports local NGO
CWS Location Austria

Vital with CWS in Austria

February saw the launch of the anonymous survey at the Lower Austria facility as part of the “Vital with CWS” project, which the organisation is carrying out in cooperation with the Austrian Health Insurance Fund. Six health circle groups from various departments are planned to enable the differing needs to be taken into account. In cooperation with employees, the relevant topics are then derived and the measures are planned accordingly. The resulting concepts are being implemented simultaneously across Austria.

CWS Location Poland

How does the coronavirus affect Polish companies?

The Safe at Work Coalition, of which CWS is a founding member, has conducted a study on the coronavirus outbreak impact on health and safety in Polish companies in summer 2020. Over a course of 3 weeks, numerous interviews with more than 1500 participants from various industries in Poland took place.

Key findings were that 95% of employees and 52% of employers perceive the pandemic as a driving force in terms of Health & Safety at the workplace. The employees rate the handling of the virus rather positively.

More than 60% of respondents admitted that they work or have worked remotely during the pandemic, and 13% continue to do so. Companies should take care to prepare for remote working through additional trainings like data security and health and safety trainings adapted to remote working.

Safe at Work Coalition