CWS smartMate – the proactive washroom system

The IoT system measures visitor flows in washrooms as well as the filling levels in the product dispensers – and signals the need for replenishment in good time
The CWS employee magazine

Whether soap, disinfectant, cotton towel rolls or toilet paper – in times of corona it is particularly important that the product dispensers in public washrooms are always ready for use. CWS assists its customers to this end with an intelligent, digital solution, namely with CWS smartMate. The latest version of the Internet of Things system developed together with mimacom is based on EnOcean technology. smartMate automatically records the current visitor flows and dispenser filling levels in the washroom. It then communicates the corresponding data in real time via a web portal and an app. The cleaning staff is thus informed of any need for replenishment and can react immediately as required.

CWS smartMate technology
The CWS smartMate technology enables the digital dispenser system to make the data available in a web portal and an app by means of a cloud-based solution.

“Our aim is to facilitate the management of washrooms as much as possible,” says Karolin Rohmer, Director Group Product Lines Hygiene & Floorcare at CWS. The latest version of the CWS smartMate system is easy to use and can be integrated into most building management systems or used as a stand-alone solution. The app also provides video tutorials for staff training.

Hygiene in real time
The real-time data make it possible to manage resources on a targeted basis, optimise building management services, raise hygiene levels and ensure greater efficiency.

CWS smartMate thus represents not only a significant advancement in dealing with the current challenges but is, at the same time, also a future-oriented solution for public hygiene facilities.