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CWS Service Playbook

The Service Playbook defines standards for all relevant processes as well as guidelines on the conduct of service drivers. The aim is to offer each and every customer consistently good service at all times that more than meets expectations. “Our service drivers are the ‘face’ of our company to our customers,” says Clemens Douglas, Lead Project Management IoT and responsible for the development of the Service Playbook at CWS. “They are a recurring point of contact and bring our CWS brand to life.” It is important to ensure a positive customer experience, excellent service at all points of contact and the rapid processing of any problems that might arise.

CWS Hygiene Full-Service

An example in this context is that minor repairs are carried out directly on site during CWS service personnel visits. “Our end-to-end service enables our customers to concentrate one hundred percent on their core processes. The optimum management of their hygiene rooms and clothing is in our hands at CWS,” says Douglas.

“They bring the brand to life. The service drivers can make all the difference to the customer’s experience. Exploiting this potential requires a clearly defined action framework for our service drivers. All customers thus experience a consistently high quality of service, regardless of the individual. This is what sets a service brand apart from the competition. The Service Playbook therefore constitutes the prerequisite and basis for CWS to be perceived as a strong service brand.”

Clemens Douglas on the role of the service personnel as point of contact with business partners

Clemens Douglas, Lead Project Management IoT CWS
Clemens Douglas, Lead Project Management IoT
CWS Hygiene Service Playbook