CWS advances its sustainable orientation

In its interim report for 2019/2020, CWS delivers insights into its fields of action and its sustainability progress.

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4 August 2020

Duisburg – 04. August: CWS presents its 2019/2020 sustainability report as a further milestone on the way to becoming the most sustainable company in its sector. The international interim report covers the company's current sustainability initiatives and provides an overview of the Group's most important non-financial key figures based on the internationally recognised GRI reporting standard. The report examines the aspects of the closed-loop economy in the CWS Group's service model and explains the implementation of responsibility and resource protection along the value chain. As sustainable service provider in the area of health and safety, the CWS Group works for a healthier and safer future, and highlights in the report which sustainability initiatives it is currently focussing on in this context.

More fairly produced clothing, less CO2

“By 2024, we aim to be the most sustainable service company in our sector. Sustainability is our business model, and that is why long-term thinking in entire life cycles is an integral part of our entrepreneurial activity. Hence we regularly report on our progress in all dimensions of sustainability. And, once again, our interim report reveals where we have already virtually achieved our sustainability objectives and where we have to do even better”, says Jürgen Höfling, CEO of CWS.

Based on detailed progress figures, the report informs, for example, that CWS increased the proportion of fairly produced textiles used in workwear to 17 percent between 2018 and 2019. Furthermore, an average of 28 percent less CO2 was produced when washing a dust control mat.

“CWS aims to systematically and comprehensively realise sustainability for people and the environment. Our business model provides a good basis for this. We also intend to involve ourselves in three action areas: health and safety for all people inside and outside our value chain, optimised cycles of our products and services, and sustainable economic activity. We have set ourselves clear objectives in all three areas. We go about our work with those objectives in mind every day”, says Maren Otte, Group Director Corporate Communications & Responsibility, responsible for sustainability affairs at CWS.

Combining economic activities with circularity and the saving of valuable resources

The interim report subdivides the sustainability measures according to the three strategic success factors: Putting People First, Optimise Cycles and Sustain Business, and thus places particular focus on the core issues of closed loop economy and sustainable products. For example, Frank Reisgies, who heads the Hygiene division of CWS, reports in an interview on the innovative CWS SmartWash dispenser system which saves up to 90 percent water and 60 percent soap by way of pre-portioning.

There is also a more detailed look at the work of the wear2wear initiative. As the main partner of the initiative, CWS is committed to the complete recyclability of textiles. Together, the partners in the initiative have, among other things, produced one of the world's first completely recyclable outdoor jackets using PET bottles.


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