CWS changes the name of its international business unit

Completion of integration process by the specialists for workwear and washroom services and transfer of divisional businesses into a new legal structure.

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10 September 2020

Duisburg – 10th September 2020. CWS will continue to ensure that the company remains firmly focused on customer proximity. As of 9th September 2020, the company CWS-boco International GmbH, which consolidates CWS’ international businesses, will operate under the name CWS International GmbH. This change is part of the comprehensive realignment of the Group’s organisation and business structures.

“Since the joint venture between CWS-boco and Initial in July 2017, we have been repositioning our company from both an organisational and strategic perspective step by step. We are now embracing this process under company law too. Our sustainable growth strategy is based on divisionalisation, i.e., the structuring of the company in clearly defined business fields which operate on a joint basis, yet each with a specific market orientation. We have now transferred this principle to our legal structure. Our divisions will operate as separate business units on their respective markets. The overarching functions will be consolidated in a streamlined, international business unit. With this step we will reach the important milestone of integrating the two companies and, at the same time, will lay the foundations for offering an improved customer service,” explained Jürgen Höfling, CEO of the CWS Group.

Greater customer orientation, reduced complexity for staff

As a full-service provider, CWS is contributing to a healthier and safer tomorrow with innovative, sustainable and digital rental solutions. The company offers a wealth of expertise in commercial services and comprises a total of six solution areas: Hygiene, Fire Safety, Workwear, Healthcare, Floor Care and Cleanrooms. Since April 2019, the company has been operating under the uniform international brand CWS. Following on from the operational realignment in terms of strategy, organisation and brand presence, integration at corporate law level represents the next stage.

The realigned operational companies – CWS Hygiene, CWS Workwear, CWS Healthcare, CWS Cleanrooms and CWS Fire Safety – are firmly focused on the sought-after customer solutions and unite all teams along the solution areas. “This creates benefits for our customers, who we are now able to serve more quickly and comprehensively. What’s more, it also simplifies the day-to-day work for our staff,” stressed Heiko Karschti, CFO of the CWS Group, who is implementing this restructuring under company law with his team.

The adaptation of the legal structure which got under way at the beginning of 2020 should be complete by the start of 2021. The go-live for CWS Cleanrooms Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG is planned for the start of October. With effect from 1st January 2021, the operating companies CWS Hygiene Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG and CWS Workwear Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG. will follow suit. CWS Healthcare Deutschland GmbH began this process on 1st June and CWS Hygiene International GmbH and CWS Workwear International GmbH on 1st August 2020. The number of CWS’ operating companies, totalling 15 in Germany alone, will thus be reduced and expertise and synergies pooled. Both the around 4,000 employees who are to be transferred to the new companies and customers will benefit from this.

Market leadership through growth – also when it comes to sustainability

The new structure and the resulting advantages will help the CWS Group to achieve its strategic goal of growing faster than the market. At the same time, CWS is assuming greater responsibility. By 2025, the Group aims to become the most sustainable provider in the industry. As a rental service provider, CWS has been part of the circular and sharing economies for many years. The company is especially committed to the reuse of resources, long-lasting products and circular service models. “Our entire business model and strategies are shaped by the guiding notion of sustainability,” explained Mr Höfling. “By taking a leading role in sustainability, we hope to inspire the market and customers and make this issue a greater priority.”


About CWS

CWS contributes to a healthier and safer future with innovative, sustainable and digital rental solutions. The CWS offering is organised into products and services from the fields of Hygiene, Floor Care, Workwear, Fire Safety, Cleanrooms and Healthcare. With its focus on rental solutions, CWS assumes responsibility for the life cycle of all products and, in doing so, offers resource-saving services for greater health and safety in public spaces.

The CWS Group currently employs almost 11,000 people in 15 countries. In 2019, the company generated a turnover of € 1,188 billion. The CWS Group and its subsidiaries are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH.


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