Interclean online trade fair: Digital hygiene at CWS

Duisburg, 29 October 2020. The cleaning industry is set to meet at its most important trade fair from 3 - 6 November. Postponed in May on account of corona, this year's Interclean is a purely virtual event. CWS will be presenting new solutions as well at its online exhibition stand at, some of which have not yet been presented to the general public before, and are aimed at facilitating hygiene planning for companies, businesses and municipalities. CWS makes hygiene reality throughout the building – under the motto This year has made it particularly clear that preventive hygiene can no longer be restricted to washrooms alone. CWS places priority on the ongoing digitization of its solutions with the aim of simplifying the task of ensuring higher hygiene levels in all of a building’s rooms and areas in the future. Interested Interclean visitors can learn more about the digitization of hygiene solutions in two presentations at the trade fair.

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29 October 2020 Hygiene

CWS stands for health and safety. And for state-of-the-art solutions. At Interclean 2020, the company will be showing how digital and sustainable washrooms – and not only washrooms – can be.

The pandemic is driving digitization forward in many areas, including in the rental service sector. The networking of buildings and systems with intelligent products can help keep hygiene levels sustainably high, optimize processes and improve services. This is also the approach applied by CWS towards ensuring that potential chains of infection can be efficiently broken.

smartMate, an IoT solution from CWS, detects the consumption and availability of materials in hygiene dispensers. This enables realistic resource planning and makes for reliability of supply. This is extremely important for environments with high visitor flows so that any hygiene gaps can be closed. The collection of dispenser data also enables work schedules for cleaning staff to be drawn up more efficiently and promptly adapted to requirements if visitor frequencies change. Rapid reaction to the necessary requirements ensures well-being among the visitors and helps make for an enhanced image for the operator or company.

Hygiene and safety in passing

Digitised solutions create incentives for more hygiene that are fun to use: online visitors to the CWS stand at the Interclean will get to know the intelligent CWS SmartWash mixer taps which automatically mix soap, water and air – and makes it virtually impossible to leave the washroom without properly washed hands. Its patented mixing technology saves up to 90 percent water and up to 60 percent soap. A digital mirror guides users through the correct hand washing process. The display in the mirror and the dispensing of water and soap from the tap are synchronized for this purpose.

CWS will also be presenting the Liward® hygiene checkpoint at the trade fair – a system based on extensive sensor technology expertise. This health assistant makes it possible for visitors to voluntarily have their temperature measured. In future, it will also be able to check whether a mouth-and-nose mask is being worn. A further module that checks the disinfection of hands is in the planning stage.

New product announcements

In the course of the Interclean, CWS will be premiering its CWS GreenMats. In the course of Interclean, CWS will be presenting the CWS GreenMats for the first time. These mats are made from recycled materials and underline CWS' claim to bring increasingly sustainable solutions to the market. Studies show that shoes are the biggest cause of bacteria and viruses in a building, which is why health authorities recommend changing or disinfecting shoes.1 To meet this need, CWS is launching another innovation on the market: CWS Microshield mats. They reduce the number of pathogens carried by shoes into buildings and sensitive areas. The mats represent a new generation of dust control mats and raise the level of hygiene to a higher level.

Focus on the environment

The topic of sustainability appears to have been supplanted by corona in the minds of many people. For CWS however, it at all times remains a priority issue and objective of its day-to-day work. Its rental service as business model has long made CWS a leading player in the circular and sharing economy. The company has banned solid microplastics from all the soaps it provides and, where necessary, replaced them with natural materials such as cornmeal. CWS thus avoids using 31 tonnes of microplastics every year. CWS is currently working on the development of sustainably produced dirt control mats made from recycled material. All processes and innovations are consistently geared towards safeguarding and conserving resources.

Presentations by CWS on the topic of digitization

The focus of two live presentations by CWS experts on the Interclean innovations stage is on the topic of digitization. The presentations are in English:

Wednesday, 4 November, 4:00 - 4:30 p.m.

“Clean, Well, Safe and connected. The Internet of Things at CWS”

What exactly is the internet of things and what advantages does it mean for companies and businesses? The presentation explains how building management processes can be optimized and simplified.

Speaker: Clemens Douglas, Internet of Things Manager at CWS.

Thursday, 5 November, 12:00 – 12:30 p.m.

“CWS smartMate digital washroom solution: your reliable partner for uninterrupted everyday hygiene”

The smartMate from CWS enhances the productivity of cleaning teams, ensures constant availability of consumables and makes for greater sustainability in washrooms. The new IoT system means that this can all be controlled via smartphone, tablet or PC.

Speaker: Annetta Lust, Head of Digital Business Solutions Hygiene at CWS


Note for media representatives: You can register for the presentations via the following link:

CWS is also looking forward to you visiting Visitors interested in getting all the trade fair news from CWS can do so here without having to register for the Interclean on the trade fair's homepage.


About CWS

With innovative, sustainable and digital rental solutions, CWS contributes to a healthier and safer tomorrow. The CWS range is divided into products and services in the areas of Hygiene, Floor Care, Workwear, Fire Safety, Cleanrooms and Healthcare. Since April 2019, all service areas of the company have been operating as an integrated system provider under the name of CWS.

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Studie Medizinische Fakultät der Ruhr-Universität Bochum/ Universitätsmedizin Greifswald

Studie New England Jounal of Medicine also published in The New York Times

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