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Paradise Air Bar

Fragrance concepts for every sector

Air freshening of the highest calibre

From inspiring freshness to flowery sweetness and fruity fascination with detail up to calming warmth, our nuances add extra quality to your room.

Neutralise odours

Don’t just cover up bad smells, neutralise them: our specially developed fragrances target unpleasant odours such as smoke, sweat and bathroom smells. The odour neutralisers balance out bad smells and, in doing so, remove unpleasant odours.

Our specially produced CWS fragrances feature different odour neutralisers. Each one is tailored to specific application areas and is particularly effective in those conditions.

Tested quality

All CWS fragrances satisfy the International Fragrance Association (IFRA) guidelines for room fragrances, which confirm that the product poses no risk to people or the environment. In addition, this fact has also been tested and validated by another independent testing institute. The CWS fragrances are exclusively produced with ingredients that are hypo-allergenic and environmentally friendly.

Boasting an attractive ParadiseLine design and intelligent technology, the fragrance dispenser sets a new clever standard in any room in terms of its functionality and look.

The linear, slim design permits the dispenser to blend almost invisibly into its surroundings. The possibility of changing the panels also allows it to be colour-coordinated to the room and any existing ParadiseLine products.

Care-free rental option

When products are rented with the full-service option, CWS takes care of the installation and servicing of the dispenser as well as its complete maintenance including dispenser settings and the delivery and replacement of consumables such as cartridges and batteries.

Panels available for the CWS Paradise Air Bar. Also available in stainless steel: CWS Stainless Steel Air Bar.

Nine individual fragrances for all areas

Technology in detail

CWS Paradise Air Bar Detail Information
  1. The flashing white service light on the outside of the dispenser signals that the cartridges or batteries require changing.

  2. The dispenser can be opened easily by pressing lightly with the CWS key.

  3. The CWS Paradise Air Bar has two fragrance chambers for different scents. When the first cartridge is empty, the system changes over to the second one automatically.

  4. Two fans disperse the scents gently throughout the rooms (diffusion system, no aerosols).

  5. The CWS Air Bar is a battery-operated system, meaning no mains power connection is required.

  6. The intelligent fragrance diffusion is regulated by a day/night sensor.

  7. The CWS Paradise Air Bar technology features an intuitive user interface.

  8. Two new cartridges are sufficient for approx. six months (based on approx. 12 hours of operation, 7 days a week, intensity level 3, room temperature 20°C).